The field of display advertising is developing at breakneck speed. Possibilities in terms of visual design, storytelling and interaction design are increasing all the time. Thanks to targeting according to keyword, interest, topic and demographics as well as retargeting lists, your ad reaches your audience with minimal waste coverage. Use the largest video platform in Switzerland, YouTube, and the Google Display Network (GDN) to achieve your marketing objective, whether it is recognition or increased sales.

Utilize creative concepts and smart targeting for efficient branding campaigns.

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Our approach

Based on your overall marketing strategy, we support you in the design, implementation and optimization of your display campaign in the Google Display Network or on YouTube. Our graphics department knows how to leverage the design potential of display ads to achieve your objectives. Our display specialists develop a suitable media strategy, so that your ads are only shown where they have the potential to be effective. Once the campaign is running, we continually review and optimize its performance. With active campaign management, we do our utmost to ensure that your ads enjoy the reach and precise targeting they deserve. Customized reporting provides complete transparency regarding the performance of your campaigns.

Success story: Display Advertising

Success story: Display Advertising

Discover more about the case study here.

Our services

  • Based on your marketing objectives, we work with our graphics department to develop creative concepts for your display campaigns.
  • We exploit the technical capabilities of the various formats to create surprising and effective advertising material.
  • We use precise targeting and optimize the campaigns in real time to minimize the waste coverage of your campaign.
  • We employ retargeting to identify interested users and address them directly with customized messages.

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