Commentators often refer to Weibo as the Chinese Twitter – but it is actually so much more than that. Diverse, versatile and innovative, Weibo has managed to transform itself into one of the most influential social networks in China, offering a range of useful features. With more than 430 million active users per month, it is China’s most widely used source of news and a hub where people exchange news, gain insights and comment on developments. With the ability to quickly disseminate information to a huge audience, Weibo is the perfect place for a business to make waves and achieve maximum reach in the Chinese market.

Exploit the full potential of Weibo for your business by tailoring advertisements to your target audience.

Why Weibo?

  • The largest social media network in China – Weibo has more than 600 million registered users and generates a vast amount of content. The average user spends at least 30 minutes on Weibo each day, resulting in around 100 million messages being sent back and forth within a 24-hour period. These impressive figures make Weibo an influential platform in the Chinese market.
  • Brand and Business friendly – Weibo makes brands more relatable by creating a platform that allows them to directly interact with users by sharing relevant content. When done correctly, this generates interest and awareness of the brand and can help the business to build a strong connection with the user. Weibo is therefore an essential tool when it comes to increasing a brand’s visibility in the Chinese digital market.

Our Services

  • Strategy consulting – Dive into the Chinese market and attract new customers by harnessing the power of the micro-blogging platform’s incredible reach. It is the ideal environment for brands and businesses to generate brand awareness, demonstrate its flawless customer service skills and build a community of like-minded customers. In addition to advising you on how to prepare relevant content and manage this community, we tailor your strategies and the tone of your communication so that they are in step with the unique characteristics of Chinese culture and market.
  • Comprehensive advertising – Weibo has two main advertisement formats: one is the “fans channel” (FenSiTong), which businesses can use to gain new followers through the strategic use of promoted content. It can also be used to target a wider audience based on specific filters such as gender, age, geographic location, interests and even competitors’ followers. The second format is “fans headline” (FenSi TouTiao), which helps businesses increase their follower engagement rate by pushing content to the top of their newsfeeds. In addition to these channels, you can benefit from partnerships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) by leveraging their popularity and strong follower base for your own account and thus drive business growth. We work with you to find the most effective advertising methods and determine the best way to target your audience with maximum effect.

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