WeChat is the most important app in China right now. By providing a host of tools enabling users to complete virtually any task using the app – payments, shopping, messaging, gaming, booking flights and even arranging doctor’s appointments – it has become an indispensable part of everyday life. In making use of a range of different advertising formats (such as “moments” ads, banner ads and influencer marketing), WeChat is a direct and effective way for brands and businesses to connect with their target audiences.

Take advantage of the full potential of WeChat by targeting your audience with relevant advertisements.

Why WeChat?

  • The most powerful social platform in China – On average, WeChat has more than one billion monthly active users. More than 60% of all WeChat users check the app at least 10 times per day, with the average user spending more than three hours on the platform. The potential for reaching your target audience is clear.
  • An app with the versatility of a Swiss army knife – As a platform, WeChat functions as a virtual closed-loop, with engaging features such as messaging, video calls, mini-programs, e-commerce functionalities and “moments” posts that can be shared within one’s friend circle. It also comes with a payment feature that enables customers to complete transactions quickly and directly using their smartphones. In terms of specific business benefits, companies can create content within their WeChat account (a type of a mini-website) and use it as a social CRM channel to maintain good relationships with clients and gather user insights for better segmentation and targeting.
  • A platform in favor of business development – WeChat permits businesses to open official accounts and attract followers. Different types of account formats are available, as are options for paid advertisements that can be used to increase a company’s number of followers. WeChat has a total of 3.5 million official accounts that are active each month, all offering a wide range of content to the platform’s more than one billion daily active users.

Our Services

  • Strategy consulting – WeChat offers users various features within its environment, enabling brands to establish a more personal connection with customers through interactive means. After reviewing your account and content, we set out the best strategy to engage your audience to maximum effect. We also help you to identify WeChat features that you can use to develop a loyal customer base, raise the profile of your business and maximize your return on your advertising investment.
  • Comprehensive advertising – Along with organic push articles, you can boost the visibility of your WeChat account through “moments” ads, which appear on your timeline in between friends’ posts. The effect is similar to ads on Facebook or banner ads placed at the bottom of a post from an official account. We also give you the option to work with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to increase audience reach, raise awareness of your brand and drive sales on WeChat. Based on your input, we devise the optimal advertising approach for your business and determine the right content to increase user interest in your brand, products, services and stories.

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