As China’s most widely used search engine, Baidu processes more than five billion search queries per day. It commands 80% of the mobile search market and 60% of the desktop market. In comparison to Google’s more aloof approach, Baidu maintains this impressive share by seeking to understand local Chinese language requirements and cultures at every turn, enabling it to refine and optimize its search technology so that it meets the needs of local users. In other words: if the internet is the gateway to the Chinese market, Baidu holds the keys – and brands have to play by its rules.

Gain maximum exposure on Baidu by using search ad formats relevant to your target audience.

Why Baidu?

  • Baidu is the most widely used search engine in China – it handles more than five billion search queries for 772 million Chinese users each day. By comparison, Google handles 3.5 billion – and that’s worldwide.
  • Establish and enhance your market position in China – Search engine marketing with Baidu is essential if you want your business to make inroads into China. Why? Because it is a key driver of traffic to your website and/or online shop.
  • Baidu offers various performance-based advertising formats – Choose the format that best meets your company’s requirements: Baidu Tuiguang, a platform that offers pay-per-click performance marketing tools; Baidu Brand Zone, which is designed to help you maximize brand exposure and ensure 24/7 brand protection on a global scale; and Baidu In-Feed, a premium display format that raises awareness for your brand and enables you to target your audience across Baidu’s multitude of apps and channels.

Our Services

  • Strategy consulting – We work with you to set out your objectives and determine which advertising formats are the most beneficial. Each format has multiple distinct advantages and can be combined to increase the visibility and efficiency of your campaigns in China.
  • Comprehensive advertising – We manage all Baidu-based advertising formats relevant to your business in order to raise your profile on China’s most widely used search engine. We take care of account and campaign creation, optimization, and tracking and reporting to ensure your marketing activities are tailored to your target audience on Baidu and improve your all-round performance.

  • Baidu SEO – There are more than 60 different search and community service channels available, ranging from Baidu Baike (encyclopedia) and Baidu Zhidao (Q&A platform) to Baidu Tieba (social forum), Qunar (travel booking service) and everything in between. We provide comprehensive advice on how to improve your website and create organic content that works in harmony with these channels. We are also here to help you overcome challenges and resolve any issues that arise in conjunction with these channels and platforms (e.g. trademark violations requiring legal negotiations with Baidu).

  • Cross-platform – Our Baidu specialists are also well versed in the unique features of other search engine tools, including Google Ads, Yahoo! and Bing. This enables you to target your content toward Chinese audiences living or travelling abroad, and boost your visibility in other key markets such as Hong Kong and Taiwan (where Google and Yahoo! are more widely used than Baidu).

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