Are you keen to efficiently expand your company’s expertise in digital communication and digital marketing? Our workshops will help you to identify trends that are really relevant for your business and carry out an analysis of potential strategies. Find out today how we can turn you into a digital leader.

Get ahead in the digital world.

Digital trends

Social media, search engines, content marketing, beacons, influencers... the list of digital marketing topics is virtually endless. And it’s growing every day. If you don’t stay up-to-date, you’ll quickly be overtaken on the marketplace. Which is why companies face a major challenge: they have to efficiently develop relevant, in-house knowledge about digital marketing and communication and make it accessible.

Relevant knowledge for your business

Our digital leadership workshops are designed to do just this. Experienced experts from various disciplines will guide your team through the most important aspects of digital marketing. Together, we’ll identify opportunities and lay the foundations for your online success.

What’s included

  • Initial briefing to identify individual objectives
  • Half-day or full-day workshop depending on requirements
  • Interactive sessions with experts about the relevant digital marketing disciplines
  • Digital marketing scenarios for your company
  • Analysis of the best marketing opportunities

Why Webrepublic

  • Leading agency for digital marketing in Switzerland
  • Interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Experienced in all industries
  • Powerful Swiss partner with international experience

Who is the workshop aimed at

  • C level / decision makers
  • Marketing teams

We’ve been in the business for many years, so we know exactly what makes for a successful digital leadership workshop: motivated experts, a practical approach and the transfer of relevant knowledge. We look forward to working with your team!