Apps and the mobile internet have enormous potential. More than 2 million apps are available in the app stores of Apple and Google, and the average user has 36 apps installed on their smartphone. App sales and in-app purchases generated revenues of more than 70 billion USD worldwide in 2015. Competition in this market is fierce, and professional app marketing is becoming a critical success factor – an attractive appearance must now be backed up by a comprehensive mix of app promotion, app re-engagement and app store optimization.

We will help you reach your target audience effectively and develop your customer base sustainably with your app.

Case Study

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Our approach

An app has the best chance of reaching its maximum potential when all aspects of marketing are expertly managed. We make the most of different ad formats and advertising channels (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) depending on the target group and type of app. Campaigns are always optimized in real time according to your goals (installations, registrations, app re-engagement or in-app transactions), and to help you assess how well your app is doing, we also help you implement a solid tracking solution that provides customized reports. This way, you're always able to keep track of how your campaigns and apps are performing.

Our services

To help you reach your target audience effectively and develop your customer base sustainably, we offer a comprehensive app marketing package that includes the following components:

  • App tracking – Would you like to keep track of your app promotions and be able to analyze who is using your app? We support you in expertly implementing tracking tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics for apps or third-party tracking tools.
  • App promotion – Would you like to advertise your app exactly where it is most effective? We advise you on the selection of channels (Apple Search Ads, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to optimize your campaigns in real-time based on performance according to your goals, be it maximizing app downloads or increasing visibility within the target group.
  • App re-engagement – Would you like to encourage your target group to use your app regularly? With app re-engagement campaigns, we notify users about new features or encourage them to actively use the app. After all, only a quarter of installed apps are actually used on a regular basis.
  • App store optimization – Would you like to increase the visibility of your app in app stores (Google, Apple) among your target groups? We help achieve this – and as app installations are often based on searches in the app store, this will increase the chance that your app is installed.
  • App indexing – Would you like to reach your target audience via the mobile search results pages on Google with content from your app? Thanks to app indexing, we can ensure content from your app appears in the organic mobile search results on Google. We can increase the traffic to your app and help you attract new app users.

JobCloud, Think with Google

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