flexReports: Digital Intelligence Dashboard
flexReports: Digital Intelligence Dashboard

flexReports: Digital Intelligence Dashboard

Customizable. Solid foundation. Flexible. 

Most modern companies store important and strategic data, yet do not utilize it effectively in their decision-making processes – understanding this kind of data is especially important in digital marketing, where data-driven optimization and innovation processes are central. Our flexReports dashboards will help you to evaluate and optimize your marketing initiatives by organizing and visualizing performance data for your target groups.

flexReports Dashboard-Lösung

Our approach

Webrepublic’s digital intelligence dashboards enable you to easily integrate data from different sources and create intuitive visualizations. We designed flexReports for maximum flexibility to ensure your data can be organized, formatted, commented on and displayed in a way that make sense to you.

Case studies and demos are available at https://www.flexreports.ch/en/.

Our services

  1. In close collaboration with you, we identify specific performance indicators that are relevant for your digital marketing activities.
  2. We integrate your data sources in flexReports.
  3. We create and configure your flexReports dashboards.
  4. flexReports automatically updates the data in your dashboards.
  5. Our IT engineering experts ensure everything runs smoothly and will provide ongoing improvements for the functionality of your dashboards.

If you have any questions about flexReports, call us or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.