Data intelligence for Victorinox Swiss Army


Victorinox Swiss Army sells and advertises its products in 33 target markets. The goal of its global digital marketing strategy is to attract shoppers to the stores via the store locator.

To maximize the reach of the store locators, Webrepublic’s data intelligence unit developed a mathematical model to calculate the optimal budget allocation across all initiatives. The budget was then adjusted based on the model’s predictions, which resulted in a significant increase in the efficiency of the campaign: conversions went up by 35% while costs per conversion decreased.

«Webrepublic’s data intelligence unit has contributed to a significant increase in efficiency in our digital marketing.» - 

Alexander M. Bennouna, CEO, Victorinox Swiss Army


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Project Overview


  • Victorinox Swiss Army commissioned Webrepublic to manage and optimize its global digital marketing strategy: a total of 120 digital marketing initiatives on nine platforms for 33 target markets and in 13 languages (e.g. English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian).
  • The goal of Victorinox Swiss Army’s global digital marketing strategy is to attract shoppers to its stores via the store locator at (Visits to are defined as conversions.)


  • Increased efficiency: optimize budget allocation for digital marketing to better exploit the potential of high-performing channels.
  • More shoppers to stores: optimize strategy to promote the store locator more efficiently and attract more foot traffic to Victorinox Swiss Army stores.


  • Based on historical data for all 33 markets and nine channels, Webrepublic’s data intelligence unit analyzed the problem and goals mathematically.
  • The model predicted significant efficiency improvements through optimization at channel level. Targeted budget allocation should result in a significant increase in conversions and a simultaneous reduction in cost per conversion.
  • The budget was allocated according to the model’s predictions in October.


  • The new allocation achieved the expected results: compared with the allocation before optimization, conversions increased by 35% while costs per conversion decreased by 25%.
  • Allocation of the budget at channel level significantly increased the efficiency of the campaign as a whole. The return on investment is 10 to 1.

«Predictive analytics is a very important aspect of Webrepublic’s work that drives our success.» - 

Alexander M. Bennouna, CEO, Victorinox Swiss Army

Company facts

  • Sector: knives and watches
  • Employees: 1700
  • Sales: CHF 485 million
  • Established: 1885
  • Webrepublic customer: since 2015


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