Krebsliga: smart AdWords campaign boosts visibility and traffic

Krebsliga knows that its target groups are increasingly searching online for information regarding the causes of cancer, treatment options, cancer prevention and research. As a certified NPO, Krebsliga is eligible for Google Grants and receives USD 10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords advertising. To achieve maximum results, Krebsliga decided to professionalize and continually optimize its AdWords setup with the help of Webrepublic. A pilot project was organized to significantly increase the visibility of Krebsliga’s content on search engines and visitor traffic on the website. The professional setup and systematic optimization quickly paid off: impressions and clicks went up, the CTR increased by 10 percentage points and visitor traffic by 125%.

«Online marketing is the ideal playing field for us because of the low initial outlay and Webrepublic, Switzerland’s leading online marketing agency, is the perfect teammate.» - 

Alejandro Ortega, Head of Digital Media, Krebsliga


Increased awareness for Kreblisga

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Project overview


  • Krebsliga had an AdWords account, but didn’t manage it actively.
  • As an NPO, Krebsliga is eligible for Google Grants and benefits from free AdWords advertising on Google to the value of USD 10,000 per month.
  • The Webrepublic CSR program enabled its SEA consultants to devote two hours a week pro bono to the NPO’s online marketing campaign.


  • Use Google Grants to achieve maximum results.
  • Boost the visibility of Krebsliga’s existing digital content among its target groups.
  • Significantly increase visitor traffic on and enable visitors to quickly and easily find the landing pages relevant to their inquiries.


  • Krebsliga and Webrepublic worked together to create a pilot campaign. Duration: three months.
  • The setup was based on the performance data and systematically optimized.


  • The Krebsliga pilot campaign exceeded all expectations. After the campaign, the organization invested in follow-up AdWords projects and intensified its collaboration with Webrepublic.
  • Significant increase in awareness: +3,650% impressions, +31,900% clicks and a CTR increase of 10 percentage points.
  • The traffic on increased by a total of 125%. AdWords is now responsible for 35% of all traffic and organic traffic increased by 30% during the pilot phase.

«Thanks to the professional support and advice provided by Webrepublic during the set up and implementation of the AdWords campaign, Krebsliga is able to use its online presence to effectively communicate the services and assistance it offers to those affected by cancer, as well as their friends and family. It’s now easier for our target groups to find the information they need and we have also been able to raise our profile along the way.» - 

Dr. Kathrin Kramis-Aebischer, CEO Krebsliga Schweiz


Company facts

  • Sector: Aid organization, health
  • Employees: 100
  • Founded: 1910
  • Website:
  • Webrepublic client since: 2012


  • Google Grants – Google issues certified NPOs a monthly budget of USD 10,000 for AdWords campaigns. However some restrictions apply: the CPCs are limited to USD 2; only campaigns that focus on keywords may be carried out; only purely text-based ads are allowed; the ads are only shown on Furthermore, the AdWords must demonstrate a clear connection to the aims of the organization.
  • Webrepublic CSR – Webrepublicans can dedicate two hours of their working week to assisting NPOs pro bono with their online marketing campaigns. The only condition is that they must have worked at Webrepublic full-time for at least one year.


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