After adding post-paid services to its product range in 2018, yallo then underwent a rebranding process. As part of this process, all digital marketing activities were to be realigned to complement the new direction. Since 2018, Webrepublic has been responsible for budgeting and consolidating yallo’s digital channels and developed a comprehensive campaign setup optimized to each target group across Google Search, Display and YouTube.

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Project overview

Initial Position

For yallo, frequently changing campaigns and promotions drive up the costs and time involved in producing high-quality videos and images. Even so, quality video material is essential for optimizing the purchase of a mobile subscription via a YouTube TrueView for Action campaign.


  • Sector:Telecommunications
  • Webrepublic customer since:2017


  • Efficient production of quality videos and images 
  • Reduction in costs per mobile subscription sale
“The Video Builder enabled us to produce quality videos tailored to certain target groups without incurring high production costs.”

Mariangela Coco

Online Marketing Manager, yallo


As part of the “yalloween” campaign, we used YouTube’s Video Builder to produce a quality video with little outlay involved. Full automation paired with an intuitive user interface means that any newcomer to the world of graphics can create a video that meets the demands of a campaign in no time. The Video Builder observes YouTube’s creative best practices, thus increasing the chance that the campaign will perform better when it is launched.



yallo and Webrepublic were able to save time and reduce costs when producing videos by using the creative elements in Video Builder as part of a TrueView for Action campaign. The campaign also achieved the following: 

  • 44% reduction in cost per action
  • 100% increase in click-through rate
  • 40% increase in conversion