Victorinox Swiss Army’s approach to marketing the I.N.O.X. watches places a strong emphasis on the direct involvement of the target group. This allows the exchange between brand and audience to become increasingly authentic and interactive.

Gamification and content marketing are the key components of this strategy. As a part of a new campaign, Victorinox Swiss Army launched a competition in which users developed and submitted their own ideas for I.N.O.X. durability tests.

The digital marketing experts from Webrepublic accompanied Victorinox Swiss Army in all stages of the process. From brainstorming ideas for the competition campaign to the design and implementation of the campaign itself, and finally the analysis of the results. The user focus of the campaign paid off: the engagement of the target group rose significantly and the ideas submitted built a solid basis for new marketing material.

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Project overview

Initial Position

  • Victorinox Swiss Army follows a classic marketing strategy and markets the I.N.O.X. watch on paid digital channels. The central selling point is the product quality and the incredible durability of the watch.
  • Various YouTube videos by Victorinox Swiss Army demonstrate this quality and robustness with 130 ruthless strength tests.
  • The promotional videos awake the interest of users on social media platforms. Accordingly, the videos are frequently commented on and shared.
  • Direct communication between the brand and target group is not in the foreground of this marketing strategy; however, there is great potential to engage the user further.

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  • The marketing strategy of Victorinox Swiss Army highlights the outstanding product quality, but looks to increase the direct involvement of the target group.
  • The new advertising campaign ensures more awareness of the I.N.O.X. watch and enhanced user interaction with the brand.
  • The user engagement rises. Fans, existing and potential customers share their own experiences with the I.N.O.X. watch.
  • The unique features and high quality materials of the I.N.O.X. watch are communicated in a playful manner.
  • The user-generated content provides inspiration for new advertising videos.


  • An interdisciplinary project setup builds the basis for the cooperation between Victorinox Swiss Army and the Webrepublic digital marketing consulting team: it begins with the idea generation and concept of the campaign and is followed by the implementation and measurement of results, up to the kickoff for follow-up projects.
  • An analysis of the target group demonstrates how Victorinox Swiss Army uses content marketing and gamification successfully by focusing on the needs of the user as a central premise of the campaign.
  • From this, the idea of «Challenge the I.N.O.X.» arises, a competition offering users a playful invitation to submit their own ideas for testing the robustness of the I.N.O.X. watch.
  • For the implementation of the competition, Victorinox Swiss Army and Webrepublic collaboratively develop a new microsite on which the voting battle will take place.
  • With the support of Webrepublic, Victorinox Swiss Army launches paid Facebook and YouTube preroll advertising to attract quality traffic to the website.
  • Sector:knives and watches
  • Employees:1'700
  • Turnover:485 million CHF
  • Founded:1885
  • Webrepublic customer since:2015


User engagement and awareness

  • The interest and participation in the competition exceeds expectations: visitors to the microsite submit 2,496 unique ideas.
  • A Victorinox jury selects and publishes a total of 479 ideas.
  • 7,488 users vote for the ideas that they want to see implemented on
  • During the competition, traffic to the site increases by 20%.
  • The two best ideas will be filmed and published on YouTube and Facebook. The echo in the community is overwhelmingly positive.


  • The Facebook ads for the challenge reach a total of 1,963,996 people. Compared with regular Facebook ads from Victorinox Swiss Army, twice as many impressions are generated.
  • During the one-month campaign runtime, the Victorinox Swiss Army Facebook page receives 600 new page likes. This growth is significantly above that of previous months.
  • On YouTube, preroll ads generate 559,203 impressions.
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