Miele is advertising the RX1 robotic vacuum cleaner with a cross-channel campaign. Together with Miele, a Webrepublic team, comprising display experts, graphic designers and AdWords specialists, deployed various online touchpoints (YouTube masthead, Google Display Network and Google Search Network) for the product launch.

An interactive mini-game in Switzerland’s first YouTube Channel Connect masthead enables smartphone users to control the RX1 pictured in the banner. The remarketing activities will make it possible to place product videos on YouTube and display ads on the GDN for users who see or interact with the masthead.

The cross-channel campaign has been a great success and has seen intensive user engagement and positive branding effects. Users who have seen the masthead tend to view the video spot all the way to the end much more frequently than those who have not encountered the campaigns. Users who see the masthead also click the video ad more often to get to the product microsite.

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Project overview

Initial Position

  • Miele to launch its first robotic vacuum cleaner in the Swiss market.
  • For the product launch, Miele is incorporating various online touchpoints in a cross-channel campaign.

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  • The cost-effectiveness of the allocated budget and the interaction rate is maximized through the selected ad media.
  • The technology-savvy target group experiences the key features of the new product in a playful online format.
  • Desktop and mobile users are made aware of the RX1, visit the microsite for the product launch and enter the promotional contest.
  • The number of users reached is maximized with at least two different ad media.
  • The campaign on YouTube and the GDN is targeted to users in German, French and Italian.
  • The goal is for the digital marketing assets to stand out through their innovation and interactivity, and their alignment with Miele’s existing corporate identity.
The campaign for the launch of Scout RX1 was extremely successful and exceeded our expectations!

Andreas Oehrli

Marketing Communications Manager, Miele


  • An interdisciplinary project team from Webrepublic is assisting Miele with the planning and execution of the cross-channel campaign.
  • Highlight: Webrepublic is developing an interactive game for the YouTube masthead that allows users to control a virtual robotic vacuum cleaner from their smartphones.
  • Various coordinated online touchpoints for desktop and mobile are deployed.

    YouTube masthead: Webrepublic is developing an interactive mini-game for the masthead, giving users a virtual way of interacting with the product.
    TrueView ads: Product videos are displayed in the form of pre-roll ads on YouTube. The videos take the users to the microsite for the new RX1.
    GDN: The banners displayed on the GDN match the design of the masthead and are linked to the RX1 microsite.
    Search network: The relevant text ads ensure additional traffic.
    Remarketing: Savvy users are identified, targeted on multiple avenues through a cross-channel media strategy, and taken to the microsite.
  • Sector:electrical appliances
  • Webrepublic customer since:2012


Branding uplift: successful remarketing

  • The multiple contact point strategy (remarketing) uses a broad awareness campaign (masthead: without targeting) to generate real user interest in the product.
  • Users who have seen the masthead interact much more frequently with the product video (TrueView spot). The view rate and CTR is significantly higher among these users than those who have not seen the masthead.

Brand awareness: far-reaching

  • The ads on YouTube and the GDN generate the necessary awareness among the relevant customers.

Performance: qualified interaction

  • The campaigns (YouTube, GDN and Search) generate relevant contacts with brand-oriented users and clicks on the landing page.

User-Engagement: Hohe Masthead-Interaktionsrate

  • The YouTube masthead with its mini-game generates high interaction rates.
  • The CTR lies above the industry average.
The masthead for the new robotic vacuum is a digital pioneer project for us. Together with Webrepublic, we are matching an innovative product – the Scout RX1 – with an intelligent, interactive ad format on YouTube.

Rico Fallegger

Managing Director, Miele Switzerland

This case study won silver in the Digital Performance Campaigns category at the Best of Swiss Web 2015.