Healthcare Transformers by Roche Diagnostics is a content hub aimed at industry leaders, offering non-promotional, innovative thought leadership material on a multitude of healthcare-related topics. Thanks to Webrepublic’s SEA expertise, Roche Diagnostics has been able to double the conversion rate in its niche target group, while also successfully halving the CPC.

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Project overview

Initial Position

Roche Diagnostics wants to use Healthcare Transformers to offer content to the leading forces in the healthcare industry relating to current and important topics within the industry. New content is continuously published on the platform and featured in regular newsletters. Distributing the platform’s knowledge-intensive content effectively to a specific yet demanding target group is particularly challenging.

  • Sector:Healthcare
  • Webrepublic customer since:2018


In addition to increasing brand awareness, the main campaign goals were as follows:

  • Increase the visibility of the platform among the niche target group 
  • Higher conversion rate for newsletter subscriptions
"To establish the content platform as a leading resource in the area of healthcare, we needed to ensure that we effectively reach our specific target audience. The team at Webrepublic understood our marketing objectives and was committed to turning them into a success story."

Stefan Schwarzer

International Digital Marketing Manager


To achieve our shared goals with Roche Diagnostics, we are using a push and pull strategy in Google Ads, with Discovery and Search campaigns also coming into play. The campaign is based on the principle of delivering messages to the niche audience by taking advantage of visual creatives (push) and fulfilling users’ need for information with topic-specific advertising in the search network (pull). 

The strategy capitalizes on the power of intent and advanced targeting options. By cleverly linking Discovery campaigns to search activity in Google and embedding this in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Healthcare Transformers is able to create a particularly high-quality user journey.


  • + 161% conversion rate for newsletter subscriptions 
  • - 54% cost per conversion
  • 2x monthly newsletter sign-ups

The implementation of the new strategy has created an uplift in brand awareness and attracted high-quality, relevant traffic to the platform, in turn improving the overall performance and success of the Healthcare Transformers platform.

"Our approach ensures better coverage along the user journey and its various touchpoints. The results prove that the strategy has had a positive impact on brand awareness as well as supporting Healthcare Transformers’ performance goals."

Nicola Camponovo

Senior Consultant SEA, Webrepublic AG