In close collaboration with its customer Miele and media group TX Group, digital marketing agency Webrepublic successfully reached the target group of a promotional campaign for ovens and ranges at the moment of the purchasing decision. The programmatic playout was based on high-quality, anonymous data from, part of the TX Group network. The result: an interaction rate four times higher than that obtained with Google Audiences.

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Project overview

Initial Position

For a period of one month, Miele employs a promotional campaign to advertise ovens and ranges on a dedicated landing page. The products are of particular interest to a very specific target group. Since they are in the high-end price segment, the products appeal primarily to people with higher incomes. Additionally, built-in appliances are of relevance mostly to homeowners – for a new building, first occupancy or replacement of an appliance. 

  • Sector:electrical appliances
  • Webrepublic customer since:2012


  • Increase sales of built-in ovens and ranges

  • Generate relevant website traffic, measured in clicks on the appliance promotion page

  • Increase dealer searches on Miele's website

«The challenge in our industry, and specifically in this campaign, is to appeal to customers precisely at the moment most critical to the purchase decision. In some cases, this might be a window of just two to three days; in other cases, a purchase decision can take six to 12 months. Thanks to the expertise of the Webrepublic display team, we were able to target users at just the right moment – shortly before a purchase decision – based on data targeting from various providers. With this approach, we generated above-average click and conversion rates, fueling the success of our campaign.»

Pia Zimmermann

Social Media and Digital Campaign Manager, Miele


Precise, high-quality data is needed to programmatically address the highly specific target group. Through precise targeting based on anonymous data from, home seekers are addressed through advertising across the entire TX Group network. The campaign’s programmatic playout allows continuous optimization of traffic quality by means of an algorithm. 

In addition to the number of ads played, their appeal to users in terms of content is also measured. This is evaluated by the number of clicks from the landing page to the promoted appliance and the dealer search activity. 


Traffic quality increases and wastage is reduced:

  • With specific targeting based on TX Group's Swiss inventory, almost four times as many clicks from the landing page to the promoted appliances were generated in comparison with clicks generated with targeting based on Google Audience Targeting (custom audiences, similar audiences and website remarketing combined)

  • In comparison with Google Audiences, four times as many users clicked to continue to the dealer search

«These wonderful campaign results underscore the high quality of our extensive data inventory. TX Group relies consistently on first-party data. Campaigns are implemented exclusively on the basis of anonymous user data generated on our platforms, including,, and Combined with the enormous reach of TX Group's brands, this means that even very small/niche target groups can be reached efficiently.»

Martin Garling

Director Agency Sales & Programmatic, Goldbach Audience (Switzerland) AG

Specific targeting thanks to TX Group's data

High-quality, anonymous data from TX Group is used for targeting. Targeted users are those who have searched at least three times in the past 45 days for residential property on Programmatic ad buys allows continuous optimization of the campaign.

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