For SBB’s new umbrella campaign “At home on the move”, Webrepublic was placed in charge of digital advertising. In order to reach a wide audience as efficiently and precisely as possible, SBB and Webrepublic created a programmatic advertising campaign that achieved more than 30 million contacts, 45,000 clicks and a record-breaking 75% conversion rate in the period from March 21 2016 to April 3 2016. This means 34,000 SBB customers accessed and participated in the satisfaction survey by clicking on the campaign directly.

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Project overview

Initial Position

A new umbrella campaign

SBB created a new umbrella campaign to promote open dialogue with its customers and ensure that they continue to feel at home on the move with SBB in the future.


Your success is our motivation.

Together, we write your success story.



Activate the target group

SBB wanted to promote the new umbrella campaign across all relevant digital channels in order to find out the opinion of as many SBB customers as possible. The online survey covered topics such as SBB’s punctuality, cleanliness and price-performance ratio.

Webrepublic reduces the complexity of digital marketing... Its performance exceeded our expectations by far.

Sarah Stiefel

Head of Digital Communications, SBB CFF FFS


Optimization of user interaction

The clearly defined target groups were effectively addressed through programmatic advertising at numerous touchpoints. The integrated digital campaigns reached users on Tamedia sites, the NZZ network, SBB media, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as the DoubleClick and adwebster advertising networks. The programmatic set-up enables Webrepublic to continuously track the effectiveness of the advertising measures across all platforms and optimize user interaction. To monitor the success of the campaign, a web analysis set-up was implemented in advance based on a platform-independent, standardized reporting system.

  • Sector:Public transport
  • Employees:33'000 (2015)
  • Turnover:8.7 bn CHF
  • Founded:1902
  • Webrepublic customer since:2009


Highly relevant traffic, thanks to precise targeting and continuous optimization

In just 14 days, the campaign achieved

  • 30 million contacts,
  • 600,000 completed video views,
  • A total of 200,000 ratings on,
  • 45,000 clicks,
  • 34,000 direct conversions,
  • a 75% conversion rate.

Target audience data for future programmatic campaigns will be created based on the customer feedback. This enables user groups to be targeted with content deemed relevant according to the survey.

34,000 direct conversions are a clear indication that the SBB reached the target group with the right message at the right time – thanks to programmatic monitoring and continuous optimization.

Tobias Zehnder

Mitgründer / Partner, Webrepublic AG