Webrepublic's SEO-conscious optimization of the Pfister website boosts traffic and revenue. Pfister didn't just solidify its lead over the competition in search engine visibility – it expanded it.

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Project overview

Initial Position

The Swiss furniture market is crowded and highly competitive, mainly due to the growing number of increasingly low-priced foreign retailers, who primarily operate online shops. It is therefore all the more important for Pfister to solidify and expand its online presence. SEO is one of the tools the company is using to accomplish this goal. Webrepublic had already been providing SEA and display advertising services to Möbel Pfister when an initial SEO audit demonstrated that there was major growth potential in this area as well.

  • Sector:Furniture, Home and Living
  • Webrepublic customer since:2011


  • Increase presence in organic search results for search inquiries relevant to all aspects of the furniture and home furnishings retail market
  • Solidify the high brand awareness that Pfister enjoys in the Swiss ecommerce market compared to the competition
  • Boost organic traffic on the Pfister online shop, and thus increase ecommerce revenue and customer traffic in physical stores
«SEM (Search Engine Marketing) involves multiple different disciplines. One of these is definitely SEO – a demanding, challenging, and never-ending pursuit. We have not been afraid to give SEO the attention and commitment it requires. We are now seeing and measuring the positive effect of the actions that we have taken together with Webrepublic.»

Marcel Schaniel

CDO, Möbel Pfister AG


The comprehensive SEO audit identified and prioritized the following relevant measures, implementing them on an ongoing basis:

  • Optimization of the URL structure in accordance with Google specifications
  • Removal of duplicate content
  • Overhaul of the information architecture
  • Calibration of filter functions
  • Strengthening of product page content using relevant keywords


  • 30% increase in SEO visibility compared to previous year
  • 29% more organic traffic 
  • 50% increase in revenue via organic traffic


«It has been a joy to watch as our iterative implementation of the SEO measures has gradually increased the prominence of the online shop in organic search results. Pfister didn't just solidify its lead over the competition in search engine visibility – it expanded it..»

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