Swiss luxury watchmaker Oris was looking for the most efficient and effective setup to run Facebook campaigns targeting its global markets. Working with its agency Webrepublic and the Facebook team, Oris used the new Facebook Commerce Manager to consolidate its catalogs for specific countries and languages into one multi-language catalog covering several countries. This dramatically improved results for all the relevant KPIs.

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Project overview

Initial Position

Due to the pandemic, watchmaker Oris had to temporarily close many of its stores and move its sales to online channels. Oris wanted to find the most cost-effective option for advertising its products.


  • Boost online sales: Since many Oris stores were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company wanted to refocus its efforts on selling its luxury watches online.


Oris decided to use catalogs on Facebook for the first time to advertise its products and successfully engage its target audience. To obtain the most cost-effective results, the luxury goods manufacturer trialled a multi-language catalog and several country-specific catalogs. 


Advertising Products with the Multi-Language Catalog

Oris combined several of its domestic campaigns and product catalogs into one single multi-language catalog. This catalog then showcased the products using dynamic ads in a carousel format. This required localized information and prices for each of the ten target countries and markets (Canada, South Korea, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the UK and the US), which Facebook automatically displayed to customers.


Automatically Tailoring Ads to the Market

Oris created a catalog for its default country and language. It then added country and language feeds that contained alternative versions of the item information for the different countries and languages. Facebook used this data to automatically display the localized version of the ad for each market. This means that Facebook users in the US see item descriptions in English and prices in US dollars, for instance, and users in France are shown descriptions in French with prices in euros.



  • Sector:Luxury


By using multi-language catalogs, Oris: 

  • Cut costs per checkout by 47 percent
  • Reduced costs for each additional purchase by 32 percent
  • Cut costs per 1000 impressions by 34 percent
"We achieved outstanding results by taking a dynamic approach and using a Facebook product that boosted the delivery of the campaign globally. The insights we’ve gained will have a positive impact on future campaign strategy, planning and delivery for our customers."

Lea Nobs

Team Manager Social Media Marketing, Webrepublic AG