The test-and-learn approach and the first-mover advantage are working very well for Migros Online: Through implementing the new, automated shopping format for the Meta platforms, the online supermarket managed to reach over 60% higher return on ad spend.

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Project overview

Initial Position

Migros Online is the leading Swiss online supermarket with ambitious revenue growth goals for 2022 and beyond. To achieve these, Migros Online is strongly dedicated to a test-and-learn approach across Facebook and Instagram to constantly optimize their campaigns and benefit from first-mover advantages.


  • Sector:Retail
  • Webrepublic customer since:2019


Maximize efficiency of campaigns across Meta Platforms

  • Increase conversions 
  • Decrease Cost-per-Action (CPA)


Test and implement automation in social media marketing campaigns

  • Increase campaign performance as part of the Always-On Test-and-Learn Approach
  • Benefit from first-mover advantage
​​”We have adopted a test-and-learn approach with a continuous A/B testing agenda and out-of-the-box thinking, having a single goal in mind: to enhance our customers' quality of life. I am happy to share this commitment with Webrepublic and Meta through a test-and-learn journey.”

Philippe Roch

Head of Digital Marketing, Media & Content, Migros Online


To increase its online sales and drive further efficiency of their campaigns across Meta Platforms, Migros Online and Webrepublic decided to introduce and test Advantage+ shopping campaigns (ASC). This new social commerce solution leverages machine learning to help reach relevant audiences more efficiently. Compared to manual Shopping Ads, ASC offers a simplified campaign setup process with the ultimate goal of having a more automated campaign and ad delivery.

To understand and assess the performance impact of the new solution, in an A/B test, Migros Online compared their usual Conversion+ Catalog Sales campaigns with the new Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC).



Through implementing the new, automated shopping format for the Meta platforms, Migros Online reached over 60% higher ROAS.

Screenshots of Migros Online's dynamic carousel ads


  • 37.6% Lower cost per attributed purchase when using Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns instead of their Business-as-Usual Conversion Campaigns (Date: August 2022, comparison via A/B test)
  • 61.8% Higher purchase ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns compared to their Business-as-Usual Conversion Campaigns (7-Day Click, 1-Day View Attribution Window)
“At Webrepublic, we aim to take a data-driven approach to drive performance results of our clients and advise them on the latest product innovations across digital channels. The new Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns have proven to be a strong lever to significantly improve ROAS for Migros Online.”
Portrait Nadine Staeheli

Nadine Stäheli

Team Manager E-Commerce, Webrepublic AG