Swiss retailer has always been one step ahead of the times. In 2009, the company pivoted to become an omnichannel retailer with 19 hair salons across Switzerland. Around then years later, the online business is four times the size of all the salons combined. is set to become the largest online beauty retailer in Switzerland. Working with digital marketing agency Webrepublic, is using Microsoft Advertising as a key performance channel to fulfill this vision. 

The current pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in online shopping behavior overall and on Microsoft Bing, where is visible both in search and with shopping ads. Microsoft Bing's new shopping ads allow to expand its market reach and greatly increase conversion rates compared to previous periods.

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Project overview

Initial Position

Online visibility is a central component of's growth strategy. An important performance channel is, among others, Microsoft Bing, on which has been successfully running search campaigns for years. To further increase brand awareness and sales volume, is constantly looking for new growth opportunities. 

  • Sector:E-commerce
  • Webrepublic customer since:2013


  • Increase online visibility
  • Increase awareness of brand portfolio
  • Increase sales
"We are very happy with the performance of Microsoft Shopping campaigns and see great potential here. Users like to buy products they can see. Shopping campaigns help us get our products in front of customers."

Roger Waffler



After the Microsoft Shopping campaigns were launched in Switzerland in fall 2019, it was a clear choice for to want to tap into this channel. As a first-mover in the beauty sector in Switzerland, benefited from little competition in this ad format. Micorosoft Ads

Microsoft Shopping Ads of


Thanks to the first-mover advantage in Switzerland, conversion rates with Microsoft Shopping were higher than with any other form of search advertising. used the new Microsoft product very early, which had a positive effect on performance. 

The one-year test of Microsoft Shopping also showed great results for compared to the prior year:

  • Reduction of CPC by 25%
  • Increase of clicks by 125%
  • Increase in conversions by 67%


"The introduction of Microsoft Shopping campaigns has enabled to take a brand-first approach. By developing campaigns that focus on specific brands rather than just products, has been able to increase visibility and volume for its most trusted brand partners. "

Webrepublic AG