The talent recruitment campaign takes a multilingual, modular and regional approach optimized in real time across channels and a wide range of jobs. The “Find your talent” campaign tackles a complex communications problem through a smart combination of creativity, technology and impressively efficient implementation.

More than 370 creatives were launched across 20 media channels and then optimized on an ongoing basis. The modular creative concept enables creation of inexpensive, precision advertising for all relevant media channels, ad formats, job profiles and target groups – and with a consistent yet customizable message. The campaign succeeded in boosting the number of applications received. Now login can recruit the most talented apprentices for its partner companies and secure its position in the highly competitive vocational education sector.

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Project overview

Initial Position

Numerous big players in Switzerland, including SBB, BLS, RhB and 50 others, rely on login to recruit talent and to organize vocational training, continuing education and internships in the public transport sector. Each year, login’s partners hire the company to recruit in the areas of customer care, clerical, technology, IT, construction and logistics – across Switzerland and in 25 different apprenticeships.

login knows that the competition is fierce when it comes to recruiting top talent in Switzerland, and 2019 was certainly no exception. In fact, Switzerland’s talent pool shrank by 10% compared with previous years due to the lower birth rate from 2003 to 2006 – Generation Z. And yet the number of apprenticeships that need to be filled has remained the same or is increasing.

  • Sector:Education / job platform
  • Webrepublic customer since:2019


  • To improve login’s level of brand awareness and image profile among the target groups
  • To fill more than 850 apprenticeships annually in various areas of the public transport sector and across all regions

In order to run the campaign as efficiently as possible, the following KPIs were defined:


  • Visibility: visibility based on the benchmark and increase in number of video views during the campaign
  • Reach: number of impressions, cost-effectiveness for impressions and clicks


  • Traffic: increase the number of website sessions
  • Conversion: increase the number of “apply now” clicks
“Our target group, Generation Z, in particular loves trying out every trend. We have to keep up here and we were impressed by Webrepublic’s concept.”

Sabrina von Känel

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications


For young people, the choice of profession and apprenticeship is a major life decision, so their focus is on identifying and realizing their talent. And this is where we come in to challenge the status quo. Instead of mentioning specific apprenticeships in the public transport sector, we ask the target group: “What are your talents and how are you using them?”

The approach: The talent recruitment campaign takes a multilingual, modular and regional approach optimized in real time across channels and a wide range of jobs.

The modular campaign concept allows login maximum flexibility across all relevant platforms, in all languages and offers a way to effectively optimize its message in real time for the target group.

Target group

  • Primary target group – talented young people: 13 to 16-year-old students who are thinking about which career path they will choose
  • Secondary target group – influencers: 35 to 60-year-old parents, teachers and representatives of young people 

The secondary target group is defined based on login’s parent survey, which showed that young people seeking an apprenticeship are strongly influenced by parents and other trusted parties. We also knew that login’s own surveys showed that it is not particularly well known within the primary and secondary target group.


Understanding the target group

  • How do they think? Today's young people aren't interested in titles and a fixed set of specifications – they want to realize their potential and be taken seriously and respected. Big, traditional companies have major advantages: they offer an unrivaled variety of jobs, professional support for apprentices and future opportunities after apprenticeships are completed.
  • What’s relevant to them? The target group is interested mainly in work that also reflects what they do in their spare time: heavy use of social media and fragmented media consumption. 
  • What does their user journey look like? The search for an apprenticeship is an important phase in the lives of young people, and various studies have shown that they take it very seriously. They often research options on their own or talk to their peers. The decision-making process usually takes several weeks or months, which is one aspect that is important to consider when planning the campaign.


Strategic concept

The strategic concept is modular in order to maximize flexibility in terms of the messages communicated by login. The modular “Find your talent” concept employs a key statement to highlight login’s range of services and focus specifically on certain partner companies and job profiles in different regions during “campaign flights”.


Creative concept

The creative concept focuses on the unique talents and interests of each prospective apprentice, and introduces login’s range of apprenticeships with a sense of humor and original approach. 

The creative concept allows individual advertising material to be developed for every apprenticeship, guaranteeing a high level of recognition and communicating exactly what the login brand has to offer prospective apprentices. And what makes the concept so powerful is its adaptability, versatility and flexibility.

Creative concept for login

Creative concept for login

Media strategy

The media strategy is based on the modular strategy concept combined with the insights generated for the target groups and our digital channel specialists’ range of experience. 

We make our initial selection of channels and allocate the media budget according to a weighting that is constantly optimized during the campaign flight according to specific key performance indicators. The dynamic creative concept, which can be quickly and efficiently tuned to meet changing requirements, forms the foundation of this highly flexible approach.

Based on the media habits of the target group, we take a “digital first” and “test & learn” approach The channel selection derived in this way includes, in addition to the traditional channels, platforms still in their infancy, such as TikTok and Twitch.



  • 75% average visibility for display campaigns (viewability, IAB standard). The current benchmark for Switzerland is 58%.
  • 26 million impressions during the campaign
  • Possibility to instantly customize the content and user approach as needed
  • +57% website sessions compared with other years and with the same media budget
  • Up to 25% increase in applications received (depending on month), despite a decreasing pool of prospective apprentices of 10%.
“The in-depth understanding of the target group, the consistent 'test & learn' approach on all channels and the modular creative concept have allowed us to significantly increase the number of relevant applications received by login.”

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