Zürcher Kantonalbank promotes its new pensions product, frankly, and the associated app with a Facebook campaign that targets users with coordinated advertising media at every stage of the customer journey. The campaign resulted in a 12.2% increase in brand awareness.

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Project overview

Initial Position

As one of the most established banks in Switzerland, Zürcher Kantonalbank offers a wide range of high-quality banking and pensions products to more than one million customers. The bank's new pensions product, frankly, features a simple, tax-efficient pension investment via an app. The rather serious topic of pensions planning should be brought closer to the target group in a playful way, and the product and its advantages are to be made known on the Swiss market by means of advertising measures tailored to the target group.

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  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase brand interaction
  • Increase app downloads


Together with Webrepublic, frankly creates compelling video ads that, based on the respective phase of the customer journey, convey certain key messages. Facebook's best practices for creating videos for mobile devices serve as a guardrail - the video ads are created in an eye-catching, full-screen format and engage users with the main message of the video within the first few seconds. In addition, playful ads in a story format pique the interest of the younger target group for a topic that is usually considered dry and serious.

Webrepublic splits the video ads into three campaigns designed to take users from awareness to downloading the app. 

  • The awareness campaign is aimed at a broad target group in Switzerland between the ages of 25 and 55.
Video-ad awareness frankly

Awareness campaign video ad

  • In the Consideration phase, users who are interested in finance and related topics or have engaged with frankly in the previous phase are targeted.
  • The conversion campaign encourages a broad target group aged 25 to 55 to download the frankly app. Retargeting ads are used to target people who have seen the video or visited frankly's website in the previous campaign phases. On Facebook, automatic placements allow the algorithm to play ads on placements where the best performance is expected.
Playable ad Facebook

Playable ad on Facebook

The frankly team is experimenting with the ad formats Playable Ads and Poll Ads on Facebook: users can interact directly with ads in the Facebook News Feed and Audience Network to calculate their pension and then download the app. The Ads Manager helps the frankly team understand which placements get the best results, while a brand lift study measures the impact on brand awareness after users have seen the ads.



The combination of strategic targeting and visually exciting video ads successfully drove both awareness and action among the target audience. The Facebook Brand Lift study shows the following results for the six-week campaign:

  • a 12% increase in brand awareness
  • a 13% increase in brand awareness among women
  • 50% more app installs as a result of ad placement on the Audience Network
  • 13% lower cost-per-install on Audience Network compared to other placements

The overall project for frankly won these awards at the Best of Swiss Web 2021.