To increase brand awareness and sales, yallo is working with Webrepublic to develop a digital marketing framework that combines creation, media and remarketing in pursuit of a new strategic direction for all the company’s digital activities. Ongoing A/B tests and dynamic ads improve understanding of the respective channel’s target audience, enabling the relevance of the advertisements and thus their performance to be enhanced

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Project overview

Initial Position

yallo is expanding its product portfolio in 2018 to include post-paid services and undergoing a rebranding. As part of this process, all digital marketing activities have to be realigned to the new direction. Webrepublic is responsible for budgeting and consolidating yallo’s digital channels and is developing a comprehensive campaign framework optimized to the target audience.

  • Sector:Telecommunications
  • Webrepublic customer since:2017


  • To increase brand awareness for the new range

  • To facilitate online sales

  • To minimize the work involved by using the available resources in a focused manner

«Thanks to the flexibility and support of Webrepublic, we have been able to successfully launch multichannel campaigns – from ideation to execution – in less than a week.»

Yann Duponchel

Head of Digital Marketing, yallo


Webrepublic uses a digital marketing framework that combines creation, media and remarketing elements. As part of the campaign, digital channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and newsletters are synchronized with one another and their effectiveness is tested. The key focus is on the dynamic, creative approach that enables the various target audiences on each channel to be shown relevant content.

A/B tests allow for important insights into user behavior and performance on the individual channels, thus enabling the mix of channels to be optimized as the campaign continues. The regular exchange of findings between the Webrepublic teams involved in the campaign – Project Management, SEA, Graphics, Social Media and Programmatic – and the yallo team paves the way for an agile work process whereby the approach can continue to be optimized in pursuit of specific goals.


  • Online sales: 60% increase in online sales year on year

  • Brand awareness: significant increase in brand awareness

  • Clear understanding across all digital channels and the relevant target audiences



«While the fast-paced, ever-changing environment was challenging at first, organization and hard work enabled us to achieve our goals while learning from each other and with each other on a daily basis.»

Webrepublic AG

Campaign example: using channel-specific visuals on Tinder

A highly specific segment of yallo’s target audience – millennials and Generation Z – was targeted on Tinder. Visual designs and wording choices were selected specifically for the channel and target audience. In addition, holiday and seasonal elements were included in the visuals and used in a flexible, efficient manner via DV360 as part of Programmatic Guaranteed deals. This ensures that relevant content is displayed for the target audience on a routine basis. The ads on Tinder led to a major increase in yallo’s engagement rate and traffic to the site.


 84% reduction in mobile CPC

 40% higher than the Tinder CTR benchmark

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