La vita è bella – A family business with Swiss roots and a long tradition sets sail on the digital seas. Read on to find out how Bindella, a Swiss expert in Italian wines, joined forces with Webrepublic to translate its culture and tradition into a digital marketing concept based on authentic content marketing. The goal was to help a younger demographic discover its taste for wine and boost long-term customer loyalty and brand recognition.

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Project overview

Initial Position

With online wine sales booming, many wine retailers are setting up shop on the internet. Bindella is a company with a rich tradition that caters to its loyal, yet predominantly older clientele directly from its winery in Zurich. The company wondered how, as a traditional brand, it could galvanize a younger demographic into buying its products and retain them as customers while also boosting brand recognition.


  • Sector:Wine Shop
  • Webrepublic customer since:2018


To maintain Bindella’s position as a leading Swiss wine expert, the company chose to work with Webrepublic. Together, they set out the following goals: 

  • To improve recognition for the company as a specialist retailer of Italian wines throughout Switzerland
  • To boost sales in Bindella’s online wine shop 
  • To increase customer loyalty 
  • To attract a younger customer demographic
«While our company has a rich tradition, we do want to improve our brand recognition among a younger demographic. The digital marketing concept developed by Webrepublic is helping us to achieve this. It didn’t take long before we saw tangible results.»

Alexander Maycock

Chairman of the Executive Board, Marketing and Communications, Bindella


After conducting a comprehensive survey of the competition and sector as a whole, Webrepublic examined existing campaigns and content across all of Bindella’s digital channels. Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager helped to yield key insights into sales volumes, performance and target demographics. Webrepublic and Bindella then used this as the basis for establishing the goals for the digital marketing concept. The team of specialists at Webrepublic then developed the concept, which included activities and content for social media, a website, email marketing, and search engine marketing. Webrepublic helped the well-established company with the operational implementation on the relevant performance channels by closely advising Bindella and constantly optimizing the concept as a whole. In the future, offline and online campaigns will be coordinated based on the selected content marketing approaches to ensure efficient cross-platform communication.


A detailed look at two methods


Content strategy

In phase one, Webrepublic identified the relevant target demographics and three “personas” based on the Sinus model for commerce: prospective customers, connoisseurs, and aficionados. The interests, consumption habits and intentions of each persona were identified so the right content strategies could be developed based on them. To successfully reach the personas with targeted content, during phase two Webrepublic identified content categories based on Bindella’s brand values as well as the results from the competitor analysis. This ensures consistency across communications channels and retention of a heterogeneous target demographic.

E-Mail marketing

Email marketing is especially effective for targeting existing users with personalized, relevant content, which is why it was selected as a key customer retention tool in the analysis. The Bindella newsletter underwent a detailed and thorough evaluation: the registration process, content, design, and technology were all tested. Based on the results, the content was targeted at certain demographic segments over others to improve relevance for readers and better persuade customers to buy. The content categories defined by Webrepublic were included in the newsletter to maintain cross-channel consistency. 

 Newsletter of Bindella

Newsletter of Bindella


  • Digital sales channels were integrated into the marketing mix, and the sales volume in the online shop increased.
  • Brand recognition improved, with a younger clientele now also recognizing Bindella as a specialist wine retailer.
  • Bindella recorded good results in customer retention while also appealing to a younger demographic.
  • Having the Google Ads campaign actively managed led to a 74 % boost in sales with a comparable level of investment to the previous year (2019 vs. 2018).