“To achieve success in the digital world, you need to have a clear strategy. The goal is not simply to digitalize your existing communications,” explains Dr. Alain Bichsel, Head Marketing & Communications at SIX. Webrepublic couldn’t agree more. Together with the Swiss provider of infrastructure for financial markets, Webrepublic has developed a framework that supports campaign planning and the determination and reporting of relevant KPIs. The Digital Launch Pad also establishes a common language for how SIX employees discuss marketing performance. 

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Project overview

Initial Position

As a tech company, SIX has set out on a mission to become a digital leader among infrastructure service providers for financial markets. To communicate constructively to this end, digital campaigns need to be planned and structured effectively. The objective is to provide clear campaign briefings and specific goals that make it possible to select the right marketing channel. This is the best way to approach the sophisticated audience comprised mainly of B2B stakeholders with creative and suitable content. 


  • Sector:Financial Services
  • Webrepublic customer since:2020


  • Continuous improvement of campaigns and briefing processes
  • More efficiency thanks to a common internal understanding of processes and budget responsibilities
  • Clearly defined roles and to-dos within the teams involved
"Efficient processes such as the Digital Launch Pad help us plan campaigns that achieve maximum impact and reach our audience in the best possible way. The Digital Launch Pad is our navigator – from planning all the way to reporting."

Claudia Holfert

Head External & Digital Communications, SIX


  • Stakeholder interviews

Webrepublic conducted 15 stakeholder interviews to analyze the requirements, challenges and expectations facing team Digital at SIX. Various areas of focus emerged, including the digital communications strategy, clearly defined roles and workflows.

  • Rolling out the Digital Launch Pad

Webrepublic developed the Digital Launch Pad process tool to specifically address these aspects.The tool is designed to help implement the digital marketing strategy and effectively market well-targeted campaigns on the right channels.

A big part of the Digital Launch Pad is the toolkit, which includes a workflow created by Webrepublic to guide SIX employees through the entire campaign process, from the campaign briefing to campaign targets and target groups, through to visuals and reporting. The toolkit makes it possible to cover all aspects of the campaign with one uniform process. This, of course, simplifies collaboration with external agencies as well.


  • More efficient: fewer feedback loops, clearly defined roles, improved briefing processes for agencies
  • Mutual understanding of business goals and translating them into campaign goals
  • Clear parameters for processes and lead time for various campaigns
"The Digital Launch Pad promotes outcome-oriented, unambiguous communication with all stakeholders. This makes orchestrating campaigns more efficient while enriching the body of internal knowledge as well."

Webrepublic AG

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