cashgate had two main goals for the digital branding campaign: 1. Improve brand recognition within the relevant target groups on digital platforms. 2. Encourage the reached target groups to interact more intensely with the brand.

In order to achieve this, Webrepublic developed a campaign based on lead communication, addressing the target group with advertising messages that were customized for the Awareness, Interest and Desire phases of the purchase funnel. In order to ensure a broad reach, a high level of cost-efficiency and transparency in terms of measuring success, Webrepublic relied on a programmatic setup.

The campaign was successful, with cashgate’s brand recognition increasing significantly during two promotional waves of two months each – brand search queries rose by 20%. The target groups’ engagement also increased as they progressed along the purchase funnel: average time on page was 17.65% longer during the Desire phase compared with the Interest phase, and the video view rate was 7.43% higher.

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Project overview

Initial Position

cashgate’s brand recognition, measured based on average weekly searches for the brand, is lower than that of the competition. In order to change this, cashgate plans a pure branding campaign.

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  • Branding: improve cashgate’s brand recognition within the relevant target groups on digital platforms.
  • Engagement: relevant target groups should be reached along the entire purchase funnel using messages that motivate them to interact with the brand.
  • Efficiency: the budget allocation needs to be consistently optimized across all channels to increase efficiency over the course of the campaign.

The target group was addressed using advertising messages optimally tailored to suit the purchase funnel.

The target group was addressed using advertising messages perfectly tailored to different stages along the entire purchase funnel, which significantly contributed to the success of the campaign. Our goals for the campaign were exceeded.

Axel Liebe

Head Marketing, Direct Sales & Data Management, cashgate AG


cashgate’s target groups are addressed along the purchase funnel with customized advertising messages. Thanks to systematic targeting and data-based tracking, the target groups are identified in the individual funnel stages through their needs. The advertising messages, promotional material, remarketing strategy and budget are optimized to fit the funnel.

Using a programmatic connection, cashgate can access the inventory of all large Swiss publishers and broad-reach advertising networks. Display, Facebook and video ads are controlled centrally from a single interface using programmatic buying and ad server measurement. Performance is measured as a whole, can be compared across different channels and is optimized on a weekly basis during the campaign waves.

  • Sector:private credit and leasing
  • Employees:165
  • Founded:2005
  • Webrepublic customer since:2009


  • Branding goals exceeded: brand recognition rose significantly, reflected by a 20% increase in brand searches. With 110 million impressions, 2.5 million video views and 3 million unique users, the total reach exceeded the planned campaign goals.
  • Engagement increased: there were 44,000 direct visits to the website, and user engagement grew along the purchase funnel. During the Desire phase, average time on page was 17.65% longer and bounce rates 2% lower than during the Interest phase. The video view rate on YouTube was also 7.43% higher during the Desire phase than the Interest phase.
  • Efficient optimization: thanks to weekly, data-based optimizations, the efficiency of the branding measures increased. The CPMs decreased by 21% from wave 1 to wave 2, while the efficiency of the engagement measures increased. The costs per website session sank by 33% from wave 1 to wave 2. This is particularly impressive as these metrics usually behave in the opposite way.
As the person responsible for digital sales at the Aduno Group, I am particularly happy that this successful branding campaign also had a positive impact on performance marketing results.

Christine Reichardt

Head Sales Digital Channels, Aduno Group