Energizing like a cup of coffee! Webrepublic and Wirz Storyline provide content excellence, enabling Café Royal to connect with their target audience in a measurable way.

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Project overview

Initial Position

Café Royal (Delica / Migros Industries) provides high quality coffee products available online, at Migros, and through retail partners in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Over the past years, the brand was positioned as a tasty and stylish coffee choice at affordable prices.

In 2022, the Café Royal brand embarked on the “Path to Green”: putting greater focus on long-term sustainability initiatives like compensating for CO2 emissions from bean to cup or participating in impact projects with farmers in Peru and Honduras. To ensure that these values were also reflected in their brand communication and resonated with the key target audience of Conscious Consumers, the Café Royal content strategy was due for an update.

  • Sector:Coffee
  • Employees:560
  • Webrepublic customer since:2021


  • Leverage the Café Royal social media presence to bring the new brand positioning to life and tell stories that resonate with Conscious Consumers
  • Establish an efficient process for the ongoing planning, production, and distribution of state-of-the-art social media content
  • Ensure that all content marketing initiatives contribute to measurable goals along the Café Royal customer journey
Webrepublic is the ideal sparring partner to strategically support and implement our new brand positioning on digital channels - especially on social media. We are now able to address our target audience of Conscious Consumers even more effectively, getting them excited about our brand and content.

Maria Wetzel

Marketing Manager Digital & Content for Café Royal


Webrepublic together with Wirz Storyline supported the Café Royal team in establishing a new, suitable content marketing framework with ongoing creation of engaging social media content. 

The new content marketing strategy includes measurable goals along the customer journey, enabling the project team to evaluate the success of all content marketing efforts. These insights are discussed in the monthly ideation meetings and inform the ongoing creative process and allocation of resources. Until the end of the year, the focus lies on Awareness (KPI: Reach / CPM) and Attraction (KPI: Engagement Rate).  

In a joint workshop with Café Royal and Wirz Storyline, we took a deep dive into the target audience, users’ needs, and coffee-drinking habits. Data-infused personas represent the key segments in the different markets, e.g. Switzerland where Conscious Consumers already enjoy Café Royal as the well-established “Migros brand”, France with it’s unique coffee culture, and the Netherlands and Germany where people love flavored coffee like “caramel” or “amaretti”. These personas were used as a basis for the new content categories and tonality guidelines as well as for effective social media targeting.

Beginning in April 2022, content experts and channel specialists from Webrepublic and Wirz worked with the Café Royal brand team in an ongoing mandate: planning, creating, and distributing all editorial content on Facebook and Instagram. Ongoing monthly ideation meetings ensure that content is aligned with other marketing activities like product launches or performance campaigns and the needs of different markets, e.g. communication for national holidays like the Dutch King’s Day. The combination of emotional brand stories, a clear focus on video and interactive formats, and our data-based test-and-learn approach allows us to continuously maximize the impact of the content marketing initiatives.



  • Holistic content marketing strategy and actionable guidelines for the creative process.
  • 5x more user engagement on Instagram (CH) compared to the previous year.
  • CPM across all channels and markets could be massively reduced resulting in greater budget efficiency and more reach. E.g. CPM in Germany used to be CHF 6.66 (Content Campaigns May - July 2021) and is now CHF 1.71 (Content Campaigns May - July 2022).
Smart content marketing is effective in forming an emotional connection with the target audience in the highly competitive coffee market. It’s great to see our strategy brought to life on the Facebook and Instagram channels of Café Royal. Coffee and a fantastic team - what else?
Portrait Judith Creutz

Judith Creutz

Principal Consultant Content Marketing, Webrepublic AG