Together with Webrepublic, RAMES – a young, Zurich-based startup and manufacturer of high-quality leather accessories – develops an Amazon strategy, showing how the international sales channel can be leveraged successfully for premium brands. The selected measures boost not only visibility, but also sales numbers.

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Project overview

Initial Position

RAMES is a Zurich-based startup that designs, manufactures and sells timeless and functional leather bags and accessories. Until now, the young company has been known primarily in Switzerland, but would like to expand into the entire German-speaking market using Amazon. 

Relative to comparable products on Amazon, RAMES products are in the high-end price segment. For the Amazon newcomer, the challenge is therefore to convey the brand’s values and the high quality of its products in a profitable way, convincing potential customers. The key question: how can RAMES successfully sell its products on Amazon without succumbing to price pressure?

  • Sector:Fashion
  • Webrepublic customer since:2019


  • Deliver high-quality product and brand presentation on
  • Increase visibility for relevant search terms on
  • Boost sales
  • Convey the brand’s values of quality, hand craftsmanship, sustainability and fair working conditions
«We had considered selling our products on Amazon on multiple occasions, but had always rejected the idea because we fully assumed that we would only be able to compete on price on Amazon. Webrepublic was able to convince us to offer our products on Amazon despite the crowded competitive landscape. We started from scratch, set clear KPIs and budgets, and divided up the work. Amazon has since become a key pillar of our sales model, and now we also plan to offer our products on the platform across all of Europe. The collaboration was seamless – and fun to boot. The team is solution-oriented, multi-faceted, transparent and highly effective at communicating.»

Rames Munschizada

Owner, RAMES


The chosen Amazon strategy puts the primary emphasis on the product and brand presentation of RAMES. As a first step, Webrepublic optimizes the entire Amazon presence of RAMES, applying SEO best practices. When implemented successfully and without major spending on ads, this approach has a significant impact on the visibility of products and is thus ideally suited for small companies or Amazon newcomers. 

As a second, complementary step, ads for RAMES products are deployed on Amazon and additional channels relevant to the target groups.

  • Enhancement of product detail pages: Using the A+ Content feature from Amazon, product descriptions are expanded and product presentation is enhanced.
  • Addition of an Amazon Brand Store: A dedicated Brand Store – a specially created shop on Amazon – brings RAMES products and values closer to the customer.
  • SEO: Product descriptions and titles are optimized according to SEO best practices, which increases the products’ visibility.
  • Sponsored ads on Amazon: Campaigns are deployed on brand-level and product-level, which generates increased reach and sales.
  • Cross-channel measures: To bring awareness of the RAMES brand to potential customers outside of Amazon as well, and to generate sales and customer reviews, social media posts and ads are deployed, and email marketing is also used.

A+ Content on the product detail pages


  • 123% more organic page views per month after content optimization 
  • 3x increase in monthly revenue after accounting for advertising costs 
  • Increase in brand awareness through Sponsored Brand campaigns 



«Amazon is often underestimated by Swiss premium brands. The platform is usually a very low priority, although Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. We are delighted to be able to leverage the international potential of Amazon together with RAMES, an SME. Through our holistic approach and this wonderful collaboration, we achieved sales not only in the German-speaking region of Europe, but as far away as Greece. We look forward to the year ahead and to expansions into additional Amazon marketplaces (FR, UK, IT, ES).»

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