Based on a systematic analysis, Webrepublic and Migros optimize the existing content and structure of the health platform iMpuls. In addition, further topics that can round off the platform's offerings are identified.

Thanks to the optimized structure and new, relevant content, organic visibility increased by over 270 % between August 2017 and August 2018. This leap in visibility results in a record-breaking 620 % increase in organic traffic over the same period.

At the end of 2016, the Migros health initiative platform, was launched. The target group should be able to discover content around health topics. Therefore the structure and UX are designed to send users on a journey of discovery by means of visual triggers. With regard to the acquisition of new users via organic search, there is still potential for optimisation after the launch.

Project overview

Initial Position

The Migros digital platform, health initiative has been making an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle since the end of 2016 with inspiring tips and a wide range of offers. The content is divided into areas of nutrition, exercise, relaxation and medicine.

The original concept of the platform aims at animating the target group to explore the platform; therefore no clear website architecture and structuring of the content categories are defined. As a result, search engines do not always correctly understand the content context of the platform and cannot crawl all content. In addition, many landing pages for generic, frequently searched topics are missing at the launch time of the platform.

The result: the organic visibility in search engines and thus the organic traffic still show considerable optimization potential. It also shows that users also have difficulty understanding the content-related relationships and therefore do not find their way around the platform optimally.

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  • Establishment of iMpuls as a health platform with competence on the four pillars of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and medicine on the Swiss market.
  • Increase in organic visibility of the platform as a whole with a clear focus on health-related search terms such as "slimming", "work life balance" or "taking the stairs".
  • Sustainable, continuing increase in organic traffic from search engines.


Thanks to Webrepublic's systematic approach, we were able to plan and implement content optimization and information architecture in the shortest time possible. Thanks to the significant increase in organic traffic and organic reach, we were able to strengthen the position of our health platform in the market.

Selina Steinmann

Head of Health Coordination, Migros Group


In order to increase the organic performance of the platform, Webrepublic analyses the website structure and the existing content in cooperation with iMpuls. Based on this analysis, the structure of the site and the content categories are revised. In addition, Webrepublic defines new category topics based on a systematic keyword research and creates new corresponding topic pages.

These measures simplify user guidance on the platform. It is also ensured that search engine crawlers can now crawl all content from iMpuls.

In the second instance, the category pages take on the role of distribution pages, which should be played out for generic search queries in search engines and thus increasingly attract users to the page who are looking for comprehensive topics such as "slimming down".


Visibility: Following the completion of the first structural optimizations in August 2017, organic visibility according to Searchmetrics is 314 % higher than the base value at the beginning of May 2017. iMpuls' visibility index grows by more than 270 % until August 2018.

Traffic: Parallel to visibility, the number of organic sessions also increased: has grown by 157 % compared to the base value at the beginning of May 2017 until the optimizations are completed in August 2017. By August 2018, the number of organic sessions once again increased by more than 620 %.

The share of organic traffic in total traffic is also developing encouragingly. While the total traffic grows by 150 % within one year, the organic traffic increases more than sevenfold.

Are there any external factors that have influenced the growth, such as the increased brand awareness of iMpuls or the positive effects of search engine advertising? The number of organic sessions on the homepage that can be traced back to direct brand searches provides information: These remain stable during the observation period; this leads to the conclusion that the greatest output of the increase in organic traffic is attributable to the increased presence in non-brand searches - and thus also to the positive effects of the optimization measures. 

Together with Webrepublic we were able to significantly increase the organic reach of our content within a short time. We also identified new subject areas and planned and produced content in order to further increase the relevance of the platform for the target groups in the long term.

Rüdi Steiner

Managing editor Health


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