In September 2015, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto launched two new coffee machines: Drop and Stelia. Webrepublic was responsible for the concept adaptation, the planning and implementation of the digital launch campaign of these two products. For this campaign, the aims of Webrepublic and NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto were to maximize brand awareness during the product launch, to ensure a well-orchestrated and consistent branding across all relevant digital channels and to ensure high engagement rates on all touchpoints with users who show high affinity to the products.

The close collaboration and the integrated project setup proved to be successful. The creation and media and marketing strategies were delivered by the same team, thus guaranteeing coherence in message and implementation. In addition, the integrated setup allowed a flexible budget allocation in order to maximize efficiency. As a result, the integrated two-week multi-channel and multi-language campaign generated more than 14 million impressions and 24,000 clicks.

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Project overview

Initial Position

  • Dolce Gusto launches two new coffee machines (Drop and Stelia), following a multi-channel media strategy.
  • The campaign relies on strong visual digital marketing assets.
  • The target audience speaks German and French, and interacts with the brand on various digital channels.

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  • Maximize brand awareness for two new coffee machines during the first two weeks of the product launch, which takes place online only.
  • Ensure well-orchestrated, consistent and engaging branding across all relevant digital channels in two languages: German and French.
  • Ensure creation of strong visual marketing assets that combine art with the enjoyment of coffee in line with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto’s slogan: The Modern Art of Coffee. 
  • Ensure high engagement rates with users who show high affinity to the products and generate relevant traffic for the product microsite.
  • Ensure top performance and efficiency of the multi-channel campaign.
This integrated campaign has exceeded our highest expectations with regards to reach and performance.

Joël Muller

CRM & eCommerce Specialist, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto


  • Multi-channel media strategy: Webrepublic’s interdisciplinary team is responsible for the development of the integrated multi-channel media strategy. YouTube, Google Display Network, Google Sponsored Promotions, AdWords, Facebook and Twitter are identified as the most relevant platforms. Creation, and media and marketing strategy services are delivered within a one-stop context. This integrated setup allows a flexible budget allocation in order to maximize efficiency.  
  • Remarketing strategy: With highly targeted Remarketing campaigns (based on masthead interactions and website visits), Webrepublic identifies target userswith a proven affinity for the product and brand. These users are served with a multi-touchpoint brand experience across different platforms on mobile and desktop.
  • Creation: Webrepublic’s graphics team creates digital assets for all relevant platforms aligned to NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto’s CI/CD. The graphics team ensures that all assets match the respective channel’s specifications and make best use of the features (interaction, expansion, and animation) offered by the channels.
  • Sector:Beverages/coffee
  • Employees:1'000 in 60 countries
  • Founded:2005
  • Webrepublic customer since:2015


Branding: increased brand awareness​

  • The integrated launch campaign generated a total of 14 million impressions (on YouTube, GDN, GSP, Facebook and Twitter).
  • The masthead alone generated 4 million impressions: 1 million on desktop and 3 million on mobile.

Performance: qualified views from target audience​

  • The integrated launch campaign generated a total of more than 24,000 clicks and 3,500 visits for
  • Video: relevant contacts with campaign video on YouTube: 6,297,093 generated impressions and 374,224 generated views.
  • Banner: relevant reach on GDN, Facebook and Twitter: 9,538,526 generated impressions.

Efficiency: campaigns outperform the benchmark​

  • Cost-per-view on YouTube with CHF 0.06 clearly below benchmark (CHF 0.08 to CHF 0.12); thus, the video achieved a very high reach with the invested budget.
  • Twitter audience generated more than 1,300 clicks. Cost-per-engagement on Twitter settled down at CHF 0.55.
  • Facebook audience generated more than 4,422 clicks. The CTR settled down at 0.16%.

Remarketing Effects: multi-touchpoint experience for users

  • In total 1.8 million users who have seen the masthead and TrueView ads.
  • View rate of Remarketing Campaign (19.44%) is well above Google’s benchmark.
The campaign has substantially contributed to the successful launch of our new machines, Drop and Stelia.

Joël Muller

CRM & eCommerce Specialist, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto