The Webrepublican Nr. 37, March 2017

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Three awards, a script for burger lovers, interruption marketing on Facebook, bots as brand ambassadors, a Taobao village, 1307 readers, an open rate of 43.1% and 4 minutes 50 seconds of reading time. That's Webrepublican no. 37.



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  • Following D:Pulse, IAB Switzerland presented the Digital Marketing Awards for the seventh time on February 22. Saas-Fee was named “Digital Marketer of the Year” and Jennifer Kahn won the title of “Digital Newcomer of the Year”. Congratulations! Webrepublic received the honor of “Digital Agency of the Year 2017”. This would not have been possible without the trust of our customers and the commitment of our entire team, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works with and at Webrepublic and has supported and challenged us since 2009! Awards rarely come singly – the IAB also presented Tom Hanan, the founder of Webrepublic, with the Digital Lifetime Award. On the behalf of the entire team: congratulations, Tom, to infinity and beyond!

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New Webrepublicans März 2017

  • We currently have 9 vacancies, including vacancies in the areas of Display, SEO and Social Media Marketing.


What’s the plan when you can’t help a customer using your existing tools? Then you need to get creative. Our software engineers and AdWords experts wrote a script for McDonald’s to help put hundreds of hungry burger lovers on the right track to satisfying their appetites with the help of AdWords ads. This case demonstrates that there’s often more to an ad than meets the eye.


A remarkable story about Google. Some time ago, the search engine announced that it was implementing a long-desired algorithm update for mobile web users. The update was supposed to suppress websites that use intrusive ads. Well, the update has been rolled out and the result has been... less than spectacular. Nevertheless, the pressure on intrusive ads is rising, as it very likely that Google will continue to tackle this issue.


YouTube users worldwide currently watch a total of 100,000 years of video material each day, a significant portion of which is played on mobile devices. Because mobile users have different expectations of advertising formats, Google is planning on phasing out 30-second unskippable video commercials by the end of 2017 – which is sure to please the majority of users and will force marketers to make their messages even snappier. Meanwhile, Facebook is also working on new video formats. The platform recently announced that it would enable interruption ads in videos. It will be interesting to see how users react to this...


A UK study came to an astounding conclusion: website operators only try to actively win back customers in the event of abandoned transactions in 19% of cases. This suggests an enormous waste of sales potential.

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How do you feel about bots? We think bots aren't quite advanced enough to be implemented on a large scale. But they can complete smaller, relatively simple tasks with a high level of reliability – for example our WR2-D2 bot. This means the time is right to start carrying out harmless experiments and gathering experience. In the foreseeable future, bots will operate on the Plateau of Productivity, and whoever waits to take the first steps will have to invest a great deal of energy in order to catch up. The development of bots doesn't just require conceptualization and programming skills – outstanding language abilities are also a must. This is because, for bots that act as a brand ambassadors, the written or spoken language of the bot (i.e. its ‘personality’), is of enormous importance – it's THE formative characteristic of the touchpoint bot.


Apple making inroads in the field of mobile payment. In the US, Apple Pay enjoys the highest level of acceptance among users and vendors. Still, the broad reach of PayPal makes it clear that there is also room on the market for platform-independent providers. This fact will encourage the makers of Twint, which plans on launching the Swiss competitor to Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal in April 2017. If Twint takes off, it will be a boon to Swiss online marketers, as Twint acts offers a payment solution not only at point-of-sale terminals, but also in online shops, and can be used to implement loyalty programs and promotions.


Facebook may dominate the social media marketing landscape, but Snapchat-alike messenger service WhatsApp also has an interesting, if small, role to play. When it comes to personal recommendations, customer service and market research, it can be a useful supplement, as demonstrated by a story about the fashion industry.

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E-commerce offers enormous business potential – even in places you wouldn't necessarily expect. For example, in China, where around 45% of the population is still not online, e-commerce is playing a strategically decisive role in the government's goal to eliminate poverty in the country by 2020. One remarkable example of this development is the “Taobao village” Daiji. This raises the question of what Switzerland can learn from this story...

Only a little room for growth in China


Mark Zuckerberg’s solution for fake news and the filter bubble? More Facebook. It's undeniable that Facebook could play a significant role in working against the political polarization of western democracies and helping to develop a “Global Community”. But what Zuckerberg fails to mention is that in order to do this, Facebook and Google as well as traditional publishing houses need to promote the idea that good journalism needs Facebook and Facebook needs good journalism.


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