Infographic: journey to the center of content marketing

06 Jul 2016 / by Roger Tschallener / Comments

What are success factors in content marketing? What should digital marketers look out for when implementing content marketing measures? Based on current facts and practical advice, our consulting team’s new infographic shows why it’s worth taking a “journey to the center of content marketing” and what factors are essential for its successful implementation.




Content marketing is no longer an empty buzzword: in Germany and Switzerland, 32% of companies already have a clearly defined content marketing strategy. 45% of the remaining respondents indicate that they are planning to implement a content marketing strategy in the medium term. And for good reason – no marketer will deny the positive impact successful content marketing has on the company's success.

Digital marketers are steadily moving away from a platform-based way of thinking and more towards one that is content-based, investing in relevant, customer-focused content that is visually appealing and that creates value. This is essential to attract the attention of potential customers in a world of sensory overload and companies are increasingly turning to content marketing to capture the attention and, ultimately, the interest of their target groups, deepen customer loyalty, and grow brand awareness.

There is no magic formula for the successful implementation of content marketing; in fact, individual and creative concepts in combination with unique and exciting content help brands reach their target groups at relevant touchpoints in an effective way.

Successful content marketing is built on the foundation of a highly relevant story and the right selection of formats and communication tactics. And when professionally prepared content is combined with high quality images and illustrations, and the continuous optimization of the campaign is data-driven, success will be attained and sustained. At the same time, it’s important to remember that content marketing is not a leap, it's a journey, and like all journeys, preparation is crucial – so packing smartly will turn milestones into highlights.

We've put together an infographic of the important facts and figures about content marketing along with practical tips for the successful implementation.

A printed version of the infographic on integrated digital marketing can be downloaded here:

Icon Infographic: journey to the center of content marketing (1003.0 KB)


Infographic: Webrepublic AG, licensed by BY-NC-ND-4.0



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