The Webrepublican Nr. 28, June 2016

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Tom Hanan on the board of IAB, the consequences of mobilegeddon, the battle for mobile users, a virtual reality event in Zurich, a really crazy story, 3:31 reading time, 1195 subscribers, 46.1% open rate. That’s Webrepublican No. 28.



The Webrepublican 28


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At the Performance Summit, Google showed how AdWords is expected to develop in the coming months and made it clear that Google will remain focused on mobile. This affects the appearance of the ads, targeting capabilities and design of the interface. We welcome the developments, as the new AdWords features will enable us to respond to target groups even more effectively in future.


In 2015, Google added mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion in its algorithm. The industry was split: one camp came up with the term mobilegeddon, while the opposing camp argued keeping calm. So what has actually changed in the last year? Searchmetrics collected data to answer this question.



What is the core essence of e-commerce? An understanding of the importance of customer focus is paramount. Furthermore, «Top management must believe in customer focus before they can internalize it in an authentic way and systematically align the company with customer requirements.» If they don’t believe in the idea, it will not happen.


Facebook, Google (and Apple) are working on solutions that enable content providers to optimize their content for mobile devices. In the case of Google’s Progressive Web Apps (PWA) progress has been made already: The Washington Post, for example, clearly demonstrates how UX can be dramatically improved on mobile devices with PWA. (Open link with smartphone). Other examples can be found here. Of course, this development is not only of interest to publishers, but also to brands that want to make content more easily available to the rapidly growing crowd of mobile users.


A favorite for young users, Snapchat is trying to put its teenage years behind by appealing to marketers, brand managers and even HR managers. Although some marketers are skeptical, there are also impressive cases: Burberry, for example, uses the app to promote content created exclusively for the platform... Another proof positive that Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with, especially for brands with a strong image.


Our Analytics specialists have closely examined Google Analytics 360 and come to the conclusion that the new web analytics suite will become an important tool for many marketers. It will enable them to better understand the needs and behavior of the target groups in the multiscreen world.


Imagine that your iPhone is stolen... and the next thing you know, you’re an internet sensation in China. This is what happened to a man who wanted his iPhone back and asked the web for help...

Mobile Lost: Story


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