The Webrepublican Nr. 24, February 2016

07 Feb 2016 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

The price of relevancy, SEO formulas, three successful VR campaigns, 1002 subscribers, 2 minutes and 11 seconds of reading time, and a projected open rate of 52%. That’s Webrepublican No. 24.



 The Webrepublican 24


  • Relevant reach must be valued – even in the digital sphere. Or, as Hannes Gasser says in an interview with Henning Steier of the NZZ: «Online advertising is too cheap.»
  • Tobias Zehnder discussed the major challenges in digital marketing with Edith Hollenstein in Persönlich. Conclusion: marketers must have a good grasp of the data and skillfully connect channels and disciplines. Here is an example of a successful integrated campaign for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.
  • Welcome on board: Elitza and Alexander (Consultants SEA), Gonçalo (Campaign Manager Portuguese) and Kevin (Consultant SEO)!
  • We currently have 6 open positions.
  • Webrepublicans speak regularly at conferences and seminars. Here is a list of where you can catch them next.

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How does the weather affect online shopping? Adrian Wenzl examined an extensive data set and found a conclusive answer. His conclusion is clear: anyone involved in digital marketing needs to study weather reports regularly.

Blogpost: Welchen Einfluss hat das Wetter auf das Online-Kaufverhalten.


Which topics should be on our radar when it comes to SEO in 2016? Articles that answer this question also show that the complexity of this field has continued to increase. In his blog post, Marco Schlauri was able to skillfully cut this down to a simple but comprehensive formula.


Facebook delivered solid business results. Remarkably, mobile devices now account for 80% of advertising revenue – and Facebook is doing everything in order to strengthen its position in mobile advertising. Its latest coup: advertisers can now use Facebook’s Audience Network to track ads on mobile websites.

NL 24 Geschäftszahlen Facebook


Fabio Casutt carefully examined’s analysis data and log files to search for traces of the iOS adblocker. His conclusion takes the wind out of the sails of all doomsayers that predicted the downfall of online advertising. So we’re in the clear? Not quite. Successful advertising means taking user requirements seriously. A survey shows that 83% would uninstall their adblocker if they could easily click away annoying advertising or skip irrelevant pre-roll ads.


Messengers prove to be more than a CX and CRM channel. WeChat’s story shows that short message services can be transformed into genuine ecommerce platforms. It’s no wonder that Facebook and (allegedly) Google are making every effort to play a leading role.

Tweeting vs. other non-ticket revenue


The boundaries between digital and analog are blurring: BMW Labs has integrated IFTTT in its cars (‘Create simple connections between the products you use everyday’) and VR is set to become an integral part of everyday life over the next few years. Pascal Sonder explains how marketers can make the most of VR today.


Speaking of which, we’ve compiled a playlist of 360° videos that we think are particularly well made. Marketers, take note: they demonstrate what kind of stories can be told through VR.