The Webrepublican Nr. 23, January 2016

03 Jan 2016 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

Which were the most popular stories in Webrepublican in 2015? To find out, we went back to check which stories received the most clicks in the 11 Webrepublican issues of 2015 (the percentage after the links indicate the click rates).



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So which story was viewed most in 2015? Aside from Webrepublic news (Link; 14.2% and Link; 9.7%), the most popular stories were connected to our motto in 2015: «Connecting the Dots».

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2015 was a year in which the industry had to work hard to connect each digital marketing discipline. Our infographic on integrated digital marketing shows the key issues in this context. (Link; 14%)

The UK in the spotlight: a Sonos campaign showed how different channels can be connected. Users were encouraged through TV ads and posters to Google certain terms; if users responded to the call to action, they were led to the campaign’s landing page via AdWord ads. (Link; 10.5%) This may be too long-winded for some companies – they can simply sell their products on Google. (Link; 8%)

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Google et al. are as important as ever for digital marketers. To reach target audiences effectively, it is essential to understand how search engines work (Link; 13.7%) and what this means for your website’s technical set-up (Link; 13.9%). But true success comes only when creative ideas are developed using extensive data. (Link; 17.3%)

Some things never change: classic storytelling still plays a crucial role. Two car manufacturers attracted much attention with great campaigns in 2015. While Hyundai stirred up audiences with a strong story (Link; 11.1%), Honda took YouTube storytelling to a new level (Link; 11.8%).


How are users attracted to a story? Sometimes absurd questions seems to work wonders; for example, are selfies more dangerous than sharks? (Link; 13.5%)

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2016 is sure to be another exciting year (Link) and I look forward to putting together all the essential and amusing stories from the world of digital marketing each month.