The Webrepublican Nr. 19, September 2015

07 Sep 2015 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

Four new Webrepublicans, video ads in search results, a new standard for rich media, a literary critic, 825 subscriptions and a projected open rate of 52%. That’s Webrepublican No. 19.




Me&Reas rocked the Webrepublic. Watch the video from the concert here. (Link)


Tom Hanan and Christoph Voellmy took part in a bike safari across the Damaraland desert in Namibia. Challenge4aCause is run by Rhino Africa and aims to support the conservation of Namibia’s black rhino population. Here’s the video. (Link)


Tobias Zehnder takes over as curator of the Search Marketing box on Niuws. (Link) That inspired us to compile the 10 best blog posts of all time on the subject. (Link; de)


Reminder: from October on, consumers will start shopping online for Christmas presents. (Link; de) For maximum reach over the Christmas period, we’ve developed a programmatic branding bundle. Find out the details here. (Link; de)

Digital Branding Bundles Webrepublic

Welcome on board: Fabio (Analytics), Hideka (Search), Nicole (Display) and Dija (Display)! (Link)

By the way, we currently have six open positions. (Link)


Google tests video ads in search results. This could increase the importance of searches as a branding tool. One thing’s for sure: videos in search results would be a particularly interesting way of reaching mobile users with powerful brand messages. (Link)


Which factors really influence a website’s ranking? Moz asked 150 industry experts and got a team of data specialists to measure correlations. It's a complex issue, but the study produced clear results. (Link)


After September 1, Chrome will be automatically blocking all Flash content – it will only load when the user clicks on it manually. But that’s no cause for concern, as the industry can bank on a powerful alternative: HTML5. (Link; de)


M-commerce is on the rise. In the US, its share of all e-commerce is already estimated at 30% for 2015. That’s at least 40% more than last year. Remarkable: M-commerce is growing even faster in South America (+59.6%), Asia (+249.3%) and Europe (+70.7%). (Link)


Periscope seems to have won the battle of the live streaming apps for mobile users. The app, acquired by Twitter earlier this year, is streets ahead of its rivals. (Link)


Twitter has surpassed itself. The network announced the launch of its Twitter Audience Platform, which will enable it to reach people beyond its immediate user base. Advertisers will be able to reach around 700 million users over the platform. This significantly increases the importance of Twitter as a player in the global digital marketing market. (Link; de)


In iOS 9, Apple will make it possible to install content blockers. For us, this isn't a catastrophe – it's an opportunity. (Link; de)


IKEA Switzerland shows courage and allows renowned German literary critic Hellmuth Karasek to review its new catalog. A highlight: “it is very tempting to put the book down at this point ...” (Link)