The Webrepublican Nr. 18, August 2015

02 Aug 2015 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

Four new Webrepublicans, a watch and countless micro-moments, a new SEO discipline, 810 subscribers and a projected open rate of 47%. That’s Webrepublican No. 18.



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Reminder: On August 20, Tobias Zehnder will be giving a presentation at the Online Marketing Konferenz in Bern. His topic: data-doping for online advertising. Enter our discount code omk_webrepublic_15 for a 20 % discount! (Link)

Welcome aboard:

Welcome on Board NL 18

  • Coraline: This Frenchwoman from Marseille has a knack for irony and an infectious laugh. If there's an animal in the vicinity, it will enjoy the undivided attention of the committed vegetarian. In her free time, she loves to travel the world and learn languages. Her current project: polishing up her German skills. As an SEA consultant for Webrepublic, Coraline brings her skills to bear for the French AdWords team. After earning her master's in digital communications, she learned the trade with two communications agencies in France. (Link)
  • Eugénie loves everything that has to do with food: Her greatest passion is discovering new restaurants and cafés – the most compelling of which find their way into her food blog. (Link) Before Eugénie moved to Zurich, she spent four years living in New York City – the ideal place to school her palate on food from all around the world. The Frenchwoman has a master's in communications. She cut her teeth in the field of search engine marketing in the US, where she handled the AdWords campaigns for an NPO. As an SEA consultant for us, she supports the French SEA team. (Link)
  • As an honest-to-goodness Italian, Giulia starts her days with a strong espresso and counts pizza among her many passions. Aside from taking walks and riding horses, sewing is her latest creative hobby. When it's time for a vacation, the salty sea-air and sandy beaches to the south beckon to her. Giulia completed her studies in foreign languages and communications in Milan, followed by a master's in literature and media studies in Germany. Before she joined Webrepublic as a Business Development Manager, she worked in online marketing for two e-commerce websites in the Berlin fashion industry. (Link)
  • In her free time, Lea is an avid cyclist. Weather permitting, she also spends her time on another hobby: paragliding. When she's not floating around over Switzerland, she enjoys a nice glass of wine or plans her next globetrotting adventure «off the beaten track». Before Lea joined the SEO team at Webrepublic, she gained professional experience in corporate communications and marketing while completing a master's in business administration and online marketing on the side. (Link)

We currently have 2 open positions. (Link)
Interesting in applying with us? Then don't miss our profile on kununu. The anonymous reviews provide an authentic impression of what life as a Webrepublican is like. (Link)


Hannes Gasser spoke on the subject of search advertising for Swiss Marketing. (Link) His conclusion: SEA is more than just an advertising channel. If you do it right, you can gain business intelligence and develop highly efficient strategies.

And that applies just as much to large corporations as to one-person shows. (Link)


SEOs are increasingly focused on content creation. The key is to generate content that speaks to specific search requirements. (Link) And it's no longer just about websites; apps play an increasingly important role – the upshot of which is that SEOs have to stay on top of the new players. One good example is Apple's search technology. (Link)


What really counts when it comes to blogging? Quality or quantity? Moz (Link) and Hubspot (Link) have conducted long-term studies in search of an answer to this question. Spoiler: Quality is essential, but...


Google is exerting ever more pressure on price comparison sites (Link), and Facebook is setting up shops on brand pages (Link). Meanwhile, Amazon is significantly expanding its display-ad business. (Link and Link) Marketers are profiting from a significant innovative boost – and the need to be even more precise about where and how they appeal to their target audience.


Twitter: #fail or #ftw? Although Twitter is now a mainstay of the everyday digital world, (Link) the stock market is showing a more ambivalent reaction: the stock is currently trading below its IPO valuation. Chris Sacca describes in detail(!) how Twitter could make more of its potential. In short, it's a question of accessibility. (Link)


What to make of the Apple Watch? The refrain: It's lacking the killer app. (Link) That may well be true. Even so, marketers concur: Micro-moments (Link) are the big thing in Digital Marketing – and the Apple Watch (and other wearables) will provide the necessary hardware platform. (Link)



What's behind the coolest YouTube marketing video of last year? A simple sentence: «Give people a show, rather than an ad.» (Link)