The Webrepublican Nr. 17, July 2015

05 Jul 2015 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

The life of a Padawan, two new Webrepublicans, a concert, ad-funded music from Google, reliable statistics on the effectiveness of YouTube ads, 800 subscribers, and a probable open rate of 53%. That's Webrepublican no. 17.




The Online Marketing Konferenz will be held on August 20 in Bern. (Link) Tobias Zehnder will be giving a lecture entitled Data doping for better web advertising. If you don't have tickets yet, you can sign up here. Enter our discount code omk_webrepublic_15 for a 20 % discount! (Link)

Me&Reas rocked at the second Offline @ Webrepublic event held in the courtyard at Mühle Tiefenbrunnen. Click here to view the photo album. (Link)

Offline @ WR #2 concert Me&Reas Newsletter

What does a traineeship at Webrepublic entail? We joined up with Marlo Limacher from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) to make a film that captures a snapshot of the life of a trainee: A Padawan’s Life. (Link)

Welcome aboard:

  • Joelle Schulthess is a passionate globetrotter who has lived and worked in the USA, the United Arab Emirates, India and China. In addition to travelling to many exotic destinations, she loves extreme sports and is currently training for her PADI divemaster certification. The self-proclaimed occasional couch potato quenches her thirst for knowledge by taking classes online. At Webrepublic, Joelle serves as an SEA consultant for English-language campaigns, incorporating her professional experience in marketing, the knowledge acquired during her studies in economics and her keen understanding of different cultures. (Link)
  • Sean Dünki – a male Rapunzel – has a true penchant for typography and...squid. The ardent music devotee thrives on what to others are merely strange sounds and noise, and as a fervent aficionado of haute coffee culture, he has plenty of time for reading and staying up late into the night. Before he started at Webrepublic, Dünki studied visual communications and completed his Diplom degree with the top grade owing to his unconventional final project – although he was never really seen as an overachiever before. Sean supports our graphics department at Webrepublic by offering up fresh ideas. (Link)

We currently have 3 open positions. (Link)


As Apple sets the PR and advertising wheels in motion for its new Apple Music streaming service (Link), Google is introducing an ad-supported version of Google Play Music (available only in the US at first) – pulling right up alongside Spotify in this arena. (Link) The idea is for Google to reach its target groups in an appealing context: a mobile app that allows users to consume premium content – their favorite music – for hours on end. Lifestyle and luxury brands would be well-advised to monitor this trend closely. (Link)


Space for organic search results is becoming scarcer all the time. (Link) With this in mind, those seeking to enter the ring in the battle for visibility should have a closer look at the new SEO cheat sheet from MOZ. (Link)


What effect do YouTube video ads have on brand awareness or the search behaviors of target groups? Digital marketers in Switzerland were recently introduced to a new tool for obtaining statistically reliable answers to these questions: YouTube's Brand Lift surveys. Joël Meier tested out the tool early this year in the US and German markets. He explains the strengths of the new tool. (Link, in German)


What is important for a successful mobile campaign? Marketing & communications asked four experts, including Tobias Zehnder. He explains how a Spanish brand of beer left a lasting impression with a smart idea and a little effort. (Link, in German) 


The US Supreme Court has declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Following the decision, the internet – or at least a large segment (i.e., Facebook) – became imbued with rainbows, raising an interesting question: did Facebook use the occasion to conduct a social experiment? (Link)


How can a company use web analytics to tap into new business segments? The Spanish bank BBVA found a remarkable and radical way of doing so by making portions of its data stores available to third parties. (Link)


Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) has published a comprehensive report on the evolution of the web – mandatory reading for every digital marketer. If wading through all 196 slides is too much, you should at least take a close look at pages 16 through 26. (Link)


Airbnb produced an impressive spot demonstrating the challenges same-sex couples experience when travelling – as well as how a brand can achieve a credible reputation. (Link)