The Webrepublican Nr. 22, December 2015

06 Dec 2015 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

The smart linking of online and offline marketing, app streaming, a storytelling checklist, Star Wars as virtual reality, 916 subscribers and a projected open rate of 52%. That’s Webrepublican No. 22.



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We attended the IAB Digital Marketing Award ceremony this year. For those who couldn't join us, we have put together the best tweets of the evening here. (Link, in German)

This year we joined the celebration at the Meilleur du Web in Lausanne. The top photo of the evening can be found here: (Link)

Did you miss the webinar held by our data analyst, Gergely? Don't worry. You can catch the 25-minute webinar on our YouTube channel. (Link)


Tigerhead rocked Webrepublic in November. Find photos of our biotechno concerts on Facebook. (Link)

Welcome aboard: Henri (Consultant SEA, Link), Ewa (Campaign Manager SEA Polish, Link) and Nikita (Campaign Manager SEA Russian, Link). 

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By the way, we currently have 7 vacancies. (Link)


How do I link online and offline campaigns? A particularly simple and effective method is using posters or TV ads that get your target audience to google you and catching the searches with an AdWords campaign. This tactic is already enjoying great popularity in other markets. (Link) Speaking of posters: Google has introduced DoubleClick for digital posters. (Link)


This issue stumped Google for quite some time: an increasing amount of content was bound up in apps, making the content inaccessible via web search – Google could find the content (Link), but users could only access it if they had the app itself installed. Now, Google is introducing mobile app streaming, which allows users to experience the app on their smartphones without installing it. (Link) With the addition of this feature, Google is maintaining its position as an indispensable search engine well into the app age.

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Facebook is going to great lengths to ensure smartphone users spend as much time as possible in its ecosystem. They’ve just revealed their latest trick: Notify – a kind of notification center for iOS and Android that sends users push notifications on topics that really interest them. (Link) This may not only be lucrative for publishers; it might also be an area of interest for marketers. Groupon is definitely on board. (Link) and Notify might prove an effective tool for content managers, too...


What makes a really good promotional video? Marketing & Communications talked with industry experts. (Link, in German) Incidentally, high quality promotional videos are no longer just the domain of B2C marketers. Volvo, Schneider Electric and others have shown that even in B2B, well-made videos can make a significant contribution to the brand’s success. (Link)


If you can successfully run SEA and SEO campaigns in Switzerland, you’re ready to expand into other markets. In iBusiness, Hannes Gasser explains why a small but complex e-commerce market is the perfect foundation for international SEM. (Link, in German) By the way, on Single's Day (China's equivalent of Black Friday) Alibaba (China's equivalent of Amazon) generated 71% of its sales through its mobile business. Here's nine other impressive facts about Alibaba and Single's Day. (Link)


What is good storytelling? Alexander Riggers studied a few particularly successful examples to demonstrate in our blog the importance of storytelling for content marketing. (Link) To make the findings easier to swallow, we have summarized the key points in a checklist. (Link, in German)


Do you remember our blog post about snapchat? (Link, in German) Have you been planning to try out the platform, but weren’t sure exactly how and where to get started? Then you should definitely take a look at Richard Gutjahr’s Snap Club. It will get you started on the right foot. (Link)

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What did the New York Times VR initiative actually bring about?The readers were thrilled: see #NYTVR on Instagram (Link) and Twitter (Link). Still not convinced by VR and Google Cardboard? Then take a look at this: Star Wars experienced in VR thanks to Cardboard! (Link)