The Webrepublican Nr. 21, November 2015

01 Nov 2015 / by Simon Wüthrich / Webrepublic / Comments

15 years of AdWords, 9 trends for 2016, 10 million Periscope users, 885 subscribers and a projected open rate of 52%. That’s Webrepublican No. 21.



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How can multichannel marketing become more effective? Our infographic on this topic is available as an online version (Link) and a PDF for printing (Link).

Reminder: Gergely, our Senior Data Intelligence & Reporting Consultant will host a webinar titled Predictive Experimenting and the Real Impact of TV Ads (Link) and in December, he will be appearing at the Predictive Analytics World conference in London. (Link) If you would like to see and hear for yourself how we optimized the global digital marketing budget for Victorinox Swiss Army Watches, you can get a 15% discount on your ticket today by using our code WRDECEM.

The band A Tale of Golden Keys played for us at the fourth Offline @ Webrepublic event. Here are some photos of the event and links to the band. (Link)

Concert Offline @ Webrepublic 4

Welcome aboard: Laura (Campaign Manager SEA Spain) and Stefan (SEO)! (Link)

Newsletter Welcome Image Laura and Stefan

By the way, we currently have 8 vacancies. (Link)


Happy birthday, AdWords! 15 years of search engine marketing at least deserves an infographic. (Link) Did you know? Search engine advertising can play an important role in crisis communication. (Link) Timing is of essence, so campaigns must be launched quickly and in close collaboration with public relations professionals. Companies that manage to do this can achieve valuable coverage for their message.


Since the end of September, Instagram ads are also available in Switzerland. This social media channel harbors great potential, especially for lifestyle brands. Click here to find out what our social media specialist Albert thinks about this. (Link, in German)

Illustration: Bild von Instagram-Werbung nun auch in der Schweiz


It’s pretty obvious that an ad video shown at the movie theater will be different than one on YouTube or TV. But what exactly should advertisers be looking for when telling a story? This article does a good job summing up this topic and illustrates insights with meaningful examples. (Link)


Online shopping will cease to be the exclusive domain of online stores. Google (Link), Facebook (Link), Twitter (Link), Instagram (Link) and Pinterest (Link) are testing or some even already providing retailers with the option to advertise and sell their products directly on the respective platforms. For online retailers, this means that their product feeds must have a clean structure and be well-maintained.


The Periscope mobile live streaming app has 10 million monthly active users – and some pretty active celebrities. (Link) Some of the early adopters are already producing interesting content. Time for marketers to discover Periscope. (Link)


Google has introduced a new version of its Search Console. We have examined the release closely and are certain that the new features add real value for SEO and analytics specialists. Click here to find out what our reporting specialists Mario thinks about this. (Link, in German)


What will keep digital marketers on their toes in 2016? Webrepublic founder Tobias Zehnder has created a presentation that neatly summarizes the nine key trends. (Link)


Google will be distributing one million of its Cardboard VR viewers in the Sunday edition of the New York Times to give readers (or users) the chance to watch the NYT’s new film as a virtual reality experience. (Link) For most people, this will be their first VR experience – but certainly not the last. Because VR is about to go mainstream in a big way.