Infographic: Integrated Digital Marketing

07 Oct 2015 / by Simon Wüthrich and Roger Tschallener / Comments

The systematic integration of various marketing channels is an undisputed factor to success; yet many marketers still seem to struggle. Our advisory team’s new infographic shows why multichannel marketing is a must and what it takes to achieve successful integration.



Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing is a well-established concept, yet not even half of the companies that use digital advertising media connect more than two marketing channels. The potential is enormous: research shows that companies that deploy multichannel marketing increase sales and profits.

We have put together an infographic that covers all of the key information about integrated digital marketing with a focus on Switzerland.

A print version of the infographic can be downloaded here:

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Section of the infographic about integrated digital marketing

Infographic: Webrepublic, licensed by BY-NC-ND-4.0

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