Dear clients, dear friends,


What a year 2021 has been! A lot has happened: Italy won the European Championship, a container ship blocked the Suez Canal for days, and what started as a seemingly normal summer rain turned into floods that wreaked havoc throughout Europe. And there’s the pandemic, which made us all realize that good health is one of the most important things in life.

But 2021 has also been an eventful year for Webrepublic. Thanks to the trust of our clients, we once again carried out great projects and helped our clients achieve their goals. We are delighted that the industry not only recognized these amazing campaigns, but also awarded us for them: We won gold at the Best of Swiss Web Awards, and we were the first Swiss agency ever to be awarded at the EMEA Google Premier Partner Awards. Another milestone this year was our successful move into traditional media planning with 360-degree campaigns, which we rolled out with a digital-first approach. But by far the most industry-defining topic was the so-called "Cookie Crumble."

"Cookie Crumble?" At first, this sounds like a new variety of cupcake that could be on display in some fancy, big-city coffee shop. Instead, the "Cookie Crumble" is a massive challenge for online marketers around the world since Google has announced they will no longer support third-party cookies during the next year.

At Webrepublic, we love challenges. We are proud to say we have already developed solutions that allow us to continue delivering data-driven and precisely tailored campaigns for our clients in 2022. We are ready and eager to master this and other upcoming challenges with you in the coming year. As cookies will be disappearing soon, we would like to take this opportunity and ask you to, literally, “accept cookies” one last time this year. Since the holiday season is also “Guetzli” season, it's absolutely okay to treat yourself to a cookie or two.


We wish you a happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season, and we hope all that is beautiful, meaningful, and brings you joy will be yours throughout the coming year! Thank you very much for the fruitful and trust-filled cooperation this year. We are looking forward to many more exciting moments to come in 2022.


Happy Holidays 

Tom Hanan & Team