Urs Angst

Head of Marketing Technology

Urs Angst | Head of Marketing Technology @ Webrepublic

Urs has another passion alongside his dedication to digital marketing: triathlon events. In his free time, you’ll find him jumping into the swimming pool, hopping on his bike or running along the banks of the Sihl or the Glatt. He also likes to combine sport with travel, and attends competitions in far-flung destinations – especially if they come with a beach.

So far, he has worked as a category manager at a pure play company specializing in international travel, held various roles at performance and media agencies, and gained experience in programmatic advertising and ad tech. He is captivated by the future of marketing, particularly in terms of how creativity, data and technology can be combined. He now channels this interest into his work as part of the Webrepublic Data & Technology Team.