Tendai Bollinger

Junior Multimedia Designer

Tendai Bollinger | Junior Multimedia Designer @ Webrepublic

Tendai loves to design and create, which is why she spends her free time painting, taking photos and making things from scratch. She also enjoys dancing, whether it’s with her hula hoop or without it. Tendai gains inspiration by taking long strolls through Zurich, going to thrift stores and listening to music. Though born in London, Tendai has roots in three countries: England, Ghana and Switzerland.

Following her first job as a graphics and layout intern at a lifestyle magazine, she did an apprenticeship to become a graphic technician at GBMS (Zurich higher vocational school), which she ultimately completed at an international creative brand consultancy. After that, she spent a year working at an online marketplace and then as a graphic designer at a dialog marketing agency. Today, she is part of the Creation Team at Webrepublic.