Meret Jean-Petit-Matile

Consultant SEA

Meret Jean-Petit-Matile | Consultant SEA @ Webrepublic

The Zurich native is constantly on the go – you can find her either hunting for bargains at flea markets, secondhand stores and clothing stores off the beaten track or sitting in a café. Nothing makes her happier than the sight of a beautiful flower arrangement and discovering new culinary delights. She’s also always up for dancing and concerts. She spends her downtime doing crafts, enjoying natural surroundings on horseback or simply enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace. She is a good listener, but will happily talk up a storm.

Meret holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and began her career in human resources. After completing her own personal digital transformation, she decided to put her inexhaustible energy at the disposal of Webrepublic’s SEA Team.