Jan Haselwander

Consultant SEA

Jan Haselwander | Consultant SEA @ Webrepublic

In his free time, you can find him with friends and family in cafés, restaurants, and bars. Jan loves to cook, travel, ride motorcycles, and read nonfiction books. He has a nose for "secret spots" on his travels and can relax best in nature, far away from civilization. 

After his apprenticeship as a geometrician EFZ in an engineering office, he stood in front of the camera as a model, spent a summer in Cape Town, and completed the technical vocational baccalaureate. Afterward, he founded a communications agency in Basel with two friends and began his studies with a focus on marketing, communications, and digital business. Later, he worked in a world-leading eyewear company. Today, he uses his passion for technology, data, and communication in the SEA Team of Webrepublic.