Alex Laitenberger

Multimedia Designer

Alex Laitenberger | Multimedia Designer @ Webrepublic

Freely following the motto "Design won't save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good," Alex follows his passion: design. Even in his time off from work, he dedicates himself to art: oil painting on canvas, animating creations on the iPad, or drawing cute unicorns and flowers on paper for his daughter. He also likes to combine his passion for design with travel and occasionally visits art and design museums around the world.

After a long time in the international logistics environment, he ventured into graphic design. The fascination for design, animation, and 3D, as well as everything new in the field of design, won't let him go. After various positions in SME, as a freelancer and at agencies, he pursues his passion as a Multimedia Designer in the Creation Team of Webrepublic.