Zurich, July 19, 2016 – Meng-Chih Lee-Vogt is the first employee of a digital agency in Switzerland to hold an official certification from Baidu – China's biggest search engine.

China is seeing rapid growth in e-commerce: a good 45% of the more than 720 million Chinese internet users already shop online. There is no way for any company hoping to navigate this market to get around dealing with Baidu, because the search engine is the first stop for most Chinese users – particularly when they are looking for products and services. China's leading search engine processes over 5 billion search requests daily; by comparison, Google processes 3.5 billion globally.

Much like Google, Baidu users see organic as well as sponsored hits in the search results. While the offerings appear similar at first, a closer look reveals significant differences. For branding campaigns in particular, Baidu offers special ad formats that are not provided by other search engines. For example, Brand Zone has a section on search results pages that works like an embedded, simplified version of the advertiser's own website.

How can ad customers be sure that their agencies know how to effectively use Baidu's specific ad formats? Baidu created a certification program to address this issue. Marketers can register for certification exams that assess their mastery of the platform, strategic planning, customer service and innovative problem solving skills. Those who successfully pass the exam receive an official certificate.

Meng-Chih Lee-Vogt (image), Webrepublic's specialist for search engine marketing in China, earned her certification as a Baidu Certified Marketing Consultant in Shanghai, making her the only official Baidu-certified digital marketing specialist in Switzerland. 

Read more about the opportunities and challenges of search advertising in China in this White Paper.


More than a third of our customers operate internationally. We want to offer these companies the best possible digital marketing products and services in more exotic markets as well. The official Baidu certification documents our China specialist Meng-Chih Lee-Vogt's excellent technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese online market.

Lars Neumann

Partner, Webrepublic AG