Zurich, June 22, 2017 – DoubleClick is a leading ad-tech platform that advertisers can use to efficiently and effectively manage their campaigns across various digital marketing channels. Webrepublic has been certified as a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner (DCMP), meaning it can provide advertisers and agencies with access to the DoubleClick platform and its tools.

The DoubleClick infrastructure allows advertisers and agencies to efficiently plan, manage and optimize their marketing activities on various search engines, display and video networks, and social media channels all from a single platform. Furthermore, performance data from various channels can be aggregated and used for optimization and reporting.

Through Webrepublic, customers and partners gain access to this leading ad-tech platform’s technology. This important expansion of the agency’s service portfolio in programmatic advertising is possible thanks to its certification as a DCMP, which is granted only to those agencies able to successfully demonstrate an in-depth technical and theoretical knowledge of programmatic advertising in a rigorous evaluation process.

Webrepublic helps advertisers implement and use the DoubleClick platform and tools. Campaign management can be carried out by Webrepublic, the advertiser itself or a third party. Webrepublic experts are also available for training and support if required.

Thanks to its DoubleClick certification, Webrepublic can offer advertisers and agencies that want to take advantage of DoubleClick technology to access the following products: DoubleClick Search for integrated management of search engine marketing across various search engines; DoubleClick Bid Manager, the demand-side platform for central purchasing of display, video and native advertising inventory in open auction or private auction; DoubleClick Campaign Manager for the planning, management, measurement and optimization of digital campaigns; and the DoubleClick Creative Solutions toolkit for the creation of dynamic advertising material.


Webrepublic has successfully proven its in-depth technical and theoretical knowledge of programmatic advertising. We are happy to have Webrepublic as a partner and label it a DCMP.

Chris Weny

Platform Ecosystem Manager DACH, DoubleClick

As a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner, we are proud to work with our partners to drive measurable and optimizable digital campaigns. DoubleClick products enable a holistic approach to the measurement and delivery of digital measures. At the same time, advertisers can enjoy greater control and flexibility when managing their marketing data.

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