Zurich, November 18, 2021 – The collaboration between Webrepublic and Migros has evolved greatly in the fast-moving industry during a decade defined by digitization. What began in 2011 with the posting of a few keywords is now a multi-channel mandate, to which around 40 employees of the Zurich-based digital marketing agency are dedicated.

Melissa Günthardt, Tobias Zehnder, Selina Bucher, Martin Stadelmann, Nadine Härri (left to right)

Melissa Günthardt, Tobias Zehnder, Selina Bucher, Martin Stadelmann, Nadine Härri (left to right)

When the cooperation between Migros and Webrepublic began in 2011, Google Ads was still called AdWords, Instagram was not part of the Facebook network, and Apple had just launched the iPhone 4S. And Webrepublic? Webrepublic was a small search engine advertising agency with just under two dozen employees. The SEA measures they implemented for Migros focused on entering the right keywords and writing attractive texts for Google ads. 

Fast forward ten years: Digital marketing is an integral part of the advertising industry, and of course, Migros is no longer imaginable without it; on the contrary, Switzerland's largest retailer has greatly expanded and diversified its online marketing activities together with Webrepublic. Migros now has around 40 Webrepublicans working for it in various capacities in the areas of SEA, SEO, social media, e-commerce, programmatic, analytics, software engineering, creation, and consulting.

"Ten years of Migros and Webrepublic - that's a decade full of reasons to celebrate! In the highly dynamic environment of digitization, we have developed together in a unique partnership. I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this journey and made this success possible with their daily commitment."

Tobias Zehnder

Mitgründer / Partner, Webrepublic AG

A special aspect of the collaboration is the close cooperation at eye level: The respective teams on both sides are in daily exchange, question each other, and learn from each other. They see transparent, direct communication as the key to success and the basis for trust. This is the only way to continuously launch innovative and high-quality projects in a fast-moving environment. These include, for example, customized software scripts that work in the background to ensure that Migros campaigns are played out correctly, an AR sense on Snapchat, and the current testing of dynamic advertising materials that enable the best match between advertised products and the respective target group based on first-party data.

"With great curiosity and interest, Webrepublic permanently invests in new or changing digital topics without neglecting the respective depth of detail. Transparency is not just preached, but lived, as a matter of course. The key to success, however, is its employees. The mix of experienced, long-standing colleagues and young talent is exceptional and well-balanced. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to them. in their day-to-day work as well as on the occasion of this anniversary."

Philipp Marquard

Leiter Media, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

About Migros

With annual sales of CHF 28.7 billion (2019), Migros Group is the largest retail company in Switzerland and also the largest private employer with over 106,000 employees. Migros is owned by over two million cooperative members, who are organized into ten regional cooperatives. These operate the core business of Migros Group, the retail trade. The Group also includes Migros-owned industry, various retail and travel companies, and Migros Bank.