Zurich, January 20, 2022Webrepublic is the first agency in Switzerland to be "Mobile Web" certified by Google, making it one of the first globally as well. The Zurich-based agency proves that it masters a wide range of mobile services and uses them specifically for its customers.

People are increasingly turning to smartphones instead of computers to get information and get things done. In doing so, they expect fast and personalized experiences, but mobile sites are often deficient in user experience and load times compared to desktop versions. Companies are investing in optimizing their mobile sites and stores to increase conversion rates and drive engagement. This is also essential to generate meaningful first-party data and use advertising spend efficiently.

This is what Google partner agencies, such as Webrepublic, who have been awarded the newly introduced "Mobile Web" certification, excel at.

"With the 'Mobile Web' certification from Google, we are proving that our consulting is right where there is a lot of potential, and will be even more in the future. It's central for our clients to leverage flawless usability for the mobile web and ensure that users convert."

Webrepublic AG

The six certified employees of the Webrepublic SEO team completed a multistage examination process. In addition to the individual certification "Drive growth with mobile experience," the examination also included proving business and technical knowledge. In addition, there is a PageSpeed audit implemented in the market and a UX audit. The global Google Mobile Web Certification team evaluates the audit and ensures that the agency approaches this type of project holistically and has successfully completed it.

About the Google Marketing Platform Certification | Mobile Web

Since 2018, Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Partners have formed a network of accredited partners that provide support for Google Ads and Google analytics tools. As digital marketing becomes more complex, companies need help solving challenges beyond Google products, such as first-party data solutions, machine learning, and more. That's why, last year, Google expanded this partnership program beyond GMP products and introduced Mobile Web Certification, the first competency-based certification.